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This Is Us Season 3, Episode 1 Recap: 38

The Pearsons are back in the season premiere of This Is Us. Can you believe this is the third season? It seems like just yesterday we figured out that the Big Three were all siblings. Anyways, last night picked up a short time after the season two finale. Kate and Toby are married and trying to have a child. Kevin is attempting to date Zoe, much to Beth’s displeasure. Randall is still trying to connect with Deja and in the past, Jack is falling for Rebecca.

Let’s get into the recap.

This Is Us Season 3, Episode 1 Recap: “Nine Bucks”

– Happy birthday to the Big Three! I love how every season starts on their birthday. It makes me think as to how long this show can last. Gun to my head, I believe five seasons will be the perfect number for this show, but I wouldn’t put it past the show to make six. If the quality of the episodes is there and the ratings are high, they’ll easily make five seasons.

– The highly anticipated season three starts off with Franco Harris and the Pittsburgh Steelers. Why? I honestly though it was the introduction of a new character or it was William’s friend. However, the purpose was what happened to Franco Harris that day as the Steelers completed the “Immaculate Reception.” As Cindy explained it below, it’s a metaphor to represent how being in the right place at the right time can alter your life for better or for worse.

– Jack and Rebecca’s Date. Cute! We all know the endgame so the show is now exploring how the game begun with Jack and Rebecca. In my preview, I expressed my excitement for Jack’s time in Vietnam. Frankly, it’s one of the only storylines I care about the most. Something happened over there that changed his life forever. That “something” was probably the death of his brother, Nicky, but knowing this show, there’s a lot more to it than a simple death. If I had to guess, Jack feels responsible for Nicky’s death because he was unable to protect his brother. Perhaps Jack didn’t go back to save Nicky, which is what created his savior complex and became the reason he died in the fire.

– For those who didn’t notice, Jack returned to Rebecca’s house the next day because she left her jacket in the car, which is something she did on purpose in order to see him again. However, it looks like Rebecca is already dating someone. This is why spontaneity is overrated. Call your significant other before coming over. Although in my case, you have to have a significant other to call first. Awkward…

– Deja. To be honest, Deja’s storyline has not grown on me yet. I believe there is potential, but it has not captivated my interest. It’s clear that she is supposed to replace the void left by William, but we’re finding out that William is irreplaceable. I will give her a few more episodes and see where my interest level is at before I judge.

– Randall continues to do Randall things. Just like Jack, Randall has a savior complex and feels that he needs to save Deja. Randall tries to compare his situation to Deja’s, but as she correctly points out, they are nothing alike. Even though Deja is going to be adopted by Randall and Beth, I don’t believe this is the end for Deja’s father. At some point, he is going to make a plea to be in her life. Once again, I prefer Randall’s interactions with William over his ones with Deja.

– Kevin is back to being the charming guy you want to punch in the face, but you also secretly love, which I’m all for because I couldn’t stand him as a dark and depressed character. Kevin is interested in Beth’s cousin, Zoe, and the two are starting to fall for each other. However, Beth wants to put an end to it right away not because she’s protecting Zoe, but Kevin. I don’t see this relationship working out for Kevin even though they will eventually head to Vietnam.

– Beth had the lines of the night with “knocking boots” and “swearing on Oprah.” I’m predicting a big season out of Beth.

– The biggest takeaway from the episode revolved around Kate and Toby. After the wedding, Kate and Toby are desperately trying to have a baby. Unfortunately, with Kate’s weight and Toby’s anti-depression medication, they are unsuccessful. After being denied IVF, the doctor has a change of heart and decides to go through with the process despite a 90% risk of complications. That number is too big of a risk for Toby so he decides to dump his pills down the toilet in order to increase his sperm count even though it will increase his depression.

– Then, the show ends with the flash-forward. This storyline will be the “how did Jack die” question of the season. Before going to see “her,” Randall calls Toby, who is alone in bed, to ask if he wants to see “her,” but Toby believes she does not want to see him.

The Internet is going crazy over this image.

Toby is not wearing a wedding ring. Many fans believe that Kate is the “her” that Randall is referring to and that she is divorced from Toby. Well, I’m here to give my long shot theory of the season.

Kate is dead.

There’s a reason why they call it a long shot. Killing Kate would be risky, but hear me out. There’s a 90% fail rate for IVF. Toby is about to go down a spiraling path of depression. The lack of a wedding ring in the future supports that something happened with their marriage. Toby had plenty of chances to leave Kate before. Why would not being able to have children be the reason he left now? A major character has died in each season (William in Season 1, Jack in Season 2). Someone has to die in Season 3.

So here’s my theory. Kate dies during complications in childbirth. There’s a reason why the 90% fail rate was brought up. The child, which is a girl, ends up surviving, but is forced to live in a nursing home for the rest of her life because Toby cannot take care of her alone due to his battle with depression. The lack of a wedding ring on Toby’s finger supports “til death to us part.”

What did you think about the episode?

1 comment on “This Is Us Season 3, Episode 1 Recap: 38

  1. Chris Gillen

    I think its gotta be Kate who is dead. They tried to make it seem like it was Beth at the end of season 2, but its gotta be Kate. Who knows though, next week they might throw a curveball and make us think differently. This is, this is us!


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