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Guy Who Went On $100,000 Pyramid And Linked Obama To Bin Laden Hilariously Explains Mistake

If you haven’t seen this viral clip from the $100,000 Pyramid, please watch it below. The contestant, Evan Kaufman, was playing with Tim Meadows for $50k. The category was “People whose last name is Obama.”

As soon as he said Bin Laden, my jaw dropped. It wasn’t because I thought he was racist. It’s such a ridiculous answer that Bin Laden would’ve never even crossed my mind. I probably would’ve said “Barack” and get disqualified right then and there. Whenever says Obama, it’s automatically “Barack” in my head. However, Evan went down the road less traveled aka the road that no one would go near with a 10 foot pole. The Internet began to call him the “Racist $100,000 Pyramid Guy.” Well, Evan has spoken and gave his explanation for the mishap in a series of tweets.

In a weird way, and I know this is a super, super stretch, the name “Osama” does sound like “Obama.” That’s just a fact. I understand the rhyme recognition. But Evan didn’t say Osama. He said Bin Laden. He went straight for the jugular and as viewers, it was hysterical to watch. Evan owned up to his mistake and shed light on it in a funny and honest way. He definitely should receive some points for the Get Out joke.

National TV brings out the nerves in everyone. If you’re not used to it, it could be a nightmare. Evan made a mistake, manned up, and made a joke out of a weird but hilarious situation. Mistakes happen. Just make sure they’re not on national television.

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