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Better Call Saul Cemented Itself As One Of The Best Shows On Television After Season 4 Premiere

Better Call Saul is back in our lives. Oh, what a glorious day.

Better Call Saul is the spinoff to the iconic Breaking Bad, but after a strong third season and an excellent premiere episode for Season 4, this show now stands on its own. There are so many elements to love about this show, but I appreciate its technical aspects the most. The attention to detail is superb. Series creators Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould are creative wizards. Every shot, every detail, and every scene has a purpose. I hate throwaway / forgettable scenes that don’t move the plot. Saul has none of those. From the shots of Jimmy looking at a faucet to something as simple as feeding a fish, it all matters.

After watching the Season 4 premiere, Better Call Saul is officially one of the best shows on television. I won’t recap the entire episode, but I want to talk about the final scene between Howard, Kim, and Jimmy. After Chuck’s death, Jimmy spent the majority of the episode in shock as he can’t get over Chuck’s death. Jimmy has always felt this burden to impress and care for his his brother Chuck. However, when Chuck does not reciprocate the feeling, Jimmy betrays him out of anger in Season 3. First, it was the public humiliation at the court. Then, Jimmy made Chuck’s insurance premiums rise when he went directly to the insurance company and explained Chuck’s condition. Because of this, Jimmy feels responsible for Chuck’s death.

However, Howard confesses to Jimmy and Kim that the firm forced Chuck into retirement because of the malpractice insurance premiums. Jimmy realizes that it was Howard who pushed Chuck over the edge to kill himself. It’s a scene that will go down as one of the most memorable moments of the show. This quote explains it all.

“Well, Howard, I guess that’s your cross to bear.” 

Jimmy McGill is finally becoming Saul Goodman. The caring and considerate Jimmy that we have felt empathy for over the past three seasons is starting to disappear. Jimmy is slowly dying and Saul is coming alive. Jimmy probably had something to do with Chuck’s death, but he decides to fully blame Howard for the tragedy. Jimmy’s face has no signs of sympathy or regret.

Saul is here to stay.

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