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The Winners and Losers From ComicCon Trailer Weekend

ComicCon 2018 took place in San Diego this last weekend, and with it came the usual wave of trailers and big reveals generating tens of thousands of retweets and think pieces. This year came and went, with a ton of blockbuster potential in the works. So, without further adieu, here’s the big Winners and Losers list from ComicCon 2018.

*note this will not contain all show and movie trailers, just some very notable winners and losers*



The last Godzilla movie was a huge disappointment for several reasons. For starters, the billing of Bryan Cranston as a top character, only for him to *spoiler* die 30 minutes into the film. Then there was the noticeable lack of, well, Godzilla. He didn’t get nearly enough screentime and the movie suffered as a result. What time he did have on the screen was awesome, and I think this movie will avoid these mistakes again. This adaptation of the monster involves Millie Bobby Brown and Vera Farmiga, and showcases a whole lot of monster action. It was pound-for-pound the best trailer to make its debut, and has the biggest blockbuster potential despite not being a traditional film in the Oscars mold. My only concern is highlighted perfectly by Lights, Camera, Barstool’s Jeff Lowe:

This is Millie Bobby Brown’s first real foray outside of Stranger Things and it’ll have plenty of hype after this trailer. It’s an interesting concept and could be a ton of fun. Either way, the trailer did it’s job and the hype train is going full speed.


I’ll start by saying I have very little interest in this film. The concept never grasped me and for a superhero movie, Shazam never moved the needle for me. It looked corny with the set photos of the Shazam costume and it still looks a little ridiculous to me in the trailer. That being said, there is a TON of hype now about the movie and it’s getting good feedback online after the trailer release. It looks like a fun time and a very self-aware DC movie, which are the two big caveats everyone has had about DC superhero flicks. Outside of when Zachary Levi does the floss dance, which literally made me cringe harder than I have in a long time, it looks like a decent movie that might punch above it’s weight and actually made me a little excited about it despite my early pessimism.

M. Night Shyamalan

After 2 decades, the Shyamalan Universe is coming together with Glass. The trailer looks absolutely incredible (if not a bit convoluted), but it appears to tie together Split and  Unbreakable very well. Unbreakable is a movie that has aged very well and this movie has a ton of buzz. Shyamalan has not had the best of luck with many recent films (After Earth, Devil, The Last Airbender, and  The Happening). But this could be a bona fide hit, and with it’s incredible cast (Bruce Willis, James McAvoy, Samuel L. Jackson, Sarah Paulson) it could crush at the box office. Also, this doesn’t need to be said but I’ll say it anyways, Sarah Paulson is a goddess and one of the best actresses out there. I’ll watch anything she’s in, and this is no exception. It’s good to have M. Night back in the fold with genuine blockbuster potential.


My favorite trailer at CC18. Jason Momoa is EXACTLY what the DCEU needs, and he brings a ton of life to a role that many were pessimistic about having it’s own movie (not in the Entourage extended universe). The man best known for being in 1 season of Game of Thrones as Khal Drogo and commenting on Emilia Clarke’s Instagrams is a genuine star and I think he could carry this movie with a lot of lighthearted jokes and barbs. If he can carry this movie to monster box office numbers, his star will continue to rise and I think that, despite some pitfalls to this movie (extensive use of CGI is a big criticism, but again this is a movie where the residents of UNDERWATER CITY ATLANTIS RIDE SHARKS INTO BATTLE, so let’s all take a breather). Overall this might be the film to push DC into genuine competition with Marvel at the box office.




I very nearly named DC the big winners here. I was so close. And then the trailer for Titans dropped. DC’s new tv show based on their animated counterparts Teen Titans looks absolutely ridiculous. And it all starts with this.

I mean, maybe don’t say “fuck our most successful comic book character that is beloved by millions” for the sake of promoting a TEEN TITANS SHOW. Second, the characters are not fleshed out at all. If I hadn’t watched the show as a kid, I couldn’t tell you any of their identities or powers. I still have no idea what their motivations are other than they seem like angsty 20 and 30 somethings playing angsty teens. Finally, the trailer was just plain bad and almost seems like a parody of itself. I have very little faith in this being good and even less motivation to see it. One aspect of this that is getting a lot of heat is having Anna Diop playing Starfire. This is absurd, because having black actors/actresses play “traditionally” white characters is not remotely a bad thing. There’s been calls for Idris Elba to play James Bond for years now, Morgan Freeman crushed the role of Red in The Shawshank Redemption, Halle Berry played Catwoman (an awful movie, but certainly not because of her being cast as the lead). Grow up people.

Fantastic Beasts

Sure, we get Young Dumbledore and some more Johnny Depp. But I swear we’ve seen this trailer before…oh yeah. IN EVERY OTHER HARRY POTTER MOVIE! I didn’t like the first version of this film and while this does appear to get grittier and more interesting, I just don’t think you need to keep pressing this. As a book reader (no big deal) and avid Potterhear, I really really don’t like this anymore. Hard pass.

The Purge (TV Series)

I want to like The Purge Universe so badly. The concept is brilliant and, with the right director and vision, could really be incredible and borderline revolutionary as a film franchise. Unfortunately, there’s a reason why the movies never really worked out in the critics eyes, and has now moved to television. In a last-ditch effort to save the franchise, they’ve watered everything down and hit a wall, and I won’t be taking part. I appreciate the effort and vision that The Purge started out with, but it’s just not working out anymore.

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