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Classic Breaking Bad Scenes To Start Your Weekend

Happy Friday!

In honor of the Breaking Bad reunion at the San Diego Comic Con, I wanted to take a stroll down memory lane to relive some classic scenes from one of the greatest shows of all-time. Plus, it’s Friday afternoon and I don’t want to work for the rest of the day so I need some entertainment. Enjoy!

“I am the one who KNOCKS!”

Walt went from drug dealer to drug genius to drug kingpin in this one scene.


If you were to say that “Ozymandias” was the greatest episode in television history, I would have a hard time arguing against it. It’s perfect from start to finish. My favorite part is when Hank knows he’s going to die and says “You’re the smartest guy I ever met and you’re too stupid to see. He made up his mind 10 minutes ago.” Superb moment.

Crawl Space Scene


Walt Kills Crazy 8

The moment that Walter White’s life changed forever. There is no turning back from here. He is a killer and in this business for life.

Jesse Kills Gale

Do it now, Jesse! Do it now! What a season finale. Just when you think Walter and Jesse are going die, they totally flip the tables on Gus and kill Gale, who was going to take over for the duo.

I can’t name anymore or I will be here all night.

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