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How A Few Knicks Losses Ended Up Saving My Life

Last night I was with my cousins watching Kevin Knox play for the Knicks. Summer basketball at its finest. One thing led to another, and we started talking about their 2011 series against Boston. That year I had a stroke on Easter Sunday (April 24). Later that afternoon, Boston completed a sweep. I left for the hospital shortly after Celtics-Knicks started.

There would have been tremendous anticipation if the Knicks had won even once in the series before this game. Boston pulled out a pair of close victories at home before easily winning at MSG for a 3-0 series advantage. I knew Boston advancing was just a formality.

My stroke happened early in the afternoon. Reluctantly, I took my Walkman and somebody drove me to the hospital. Something was clearly wrong. I became very dizzy. It passed, but eventually I discovered that my speech was really messed up. I loved Dick Clark, but was not ready for a life of speaking like him after his stroke. My brains were scrambled. It was tough to think straight.

As I reminisced last night, it suddenly hit me…the Knicks being down 3-0 probably saved my life. If the series was 2-1 either way, I likely would have stayed home until after the Knicks game ended. Even if I went a few hours later and survived, the damage could have been much worse. So, it is also possible that I could still be alive today but with poor speech and perhaps some sort of brain damage.

Therefore, I would like to thank the Knicks for being bad. It saved me. Good thing my stroke was not on the first Thursday afternoon of March Madness. Clearly, I would be a goner.

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