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A Glimpse Into WFAN’s Future

Recently I wrote about how changes will be coming to WFAN in the fairly near future. It appears the station is using this week to give people some opportunities and perhaps start to make decisions about what lies ahead.

John Jastremski came on after Wednesday’s Braves-Yankees afternoon contest. He fills in for CMB from 1-3 Thursday and Friday. John often calls his program “JJ After Dark” during the overnight hours. With daytime shifts coming his way, that title might soon become a thing of the past.

Danielle McCartan gets four hours on WFAN starting Thursday night at 10. She has hosted on the station before. Danielle was given a piece of Tony’s overnight show one morning, and finally has been given a full program. McCartan is making quite a name for herself in different areas. She has interviewed numerous sports stars.

maxresdefault (14).jpg
Zach Gelb hosts Friday morning from 2-6. It is not his first overnight on WFAN. Zach is a host on CBS Sports Radio. His father used to produce for Mike Francesa and Chris Russo.

A man known as JR has recently been on the station. To keep it short, I’m not a fan. He figures to get more gigs at some point, and could possibly factor into the station’s future plans.

By the way, Dick Neer on twitter is absolutely amazing. He makes fun of Richard Neer and others. Follow @DickNeerSnooze if you want some quality entertainment. Who doesn’t like to laugh? You will not be disappointed. Based on his hilarious tweets, maybe he should get a crack at hosting.

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