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Jersey Shore Family Vacation Episode 14 Recap: Mike The Snitch

J Shore Family Vacation

After 14 episodes, the first season of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation has come to an end. My initial reaction: Solid. The first season wasn’t spectacular. It had its up and downs. I think it would’ve benefited from a 10 episode season because the final episodes were less than stellar. However, MTV wants to milk this show as much as they can for programming and ratings so I understand the logic. That being said, it wasn’t a bad season either. I was entertained especially with the Ronnie drama and the return of Angelina. It was a solid season for a successful reboot. I’m happy that I finally have a consistent show to watch on Thursdays. The last show I consistently watched on Thursday was, you guessed it, Jersey Shore! Let’s get into the recap.

Season 1, Episode 14: “The Final Supper”

– Family dinner time! Ayy Rocco, youz betta not mess with my gravy! Get ya filthy hands out of da sauce and set the table. Ah marone, cut da bread and let’s eat.

– Before we get into Mike the Snitch, let’s talk about Jenni the Snitch and pot stirrer! She might be the biggest instigator in the house and that’s saying a lot considering Ronnie lives under the same roof. However, more people are afraid of JWoww more than Ronnie, which I would agree with. Carry on, Jenni.

– Ronnie calling Mike out for snitching is an example of the pot calling the kettle black. However, it’s still a low blow on Mike’s part. Ronnie also threw some low blows at Mike so it’s not like this is a one way street. As I have said from the start, Mike and Ronnie need to fight. If you want to protect their health? Fine. Put head gear on and boxing gloves and let them go at it for a few rounds. I GUARANTEE they would be better friends after fighting.

– Hang this photo in a museum.

jersey shore dinner

– Line of the night.

– I feel like I should enter this contest. I would be the perfect hype man for Pauly D.

– Deena and Jenni got drunk. Deena fell asleep. Jenni almost burnt the house down. Snooki brought the proof back. Let’s skip ahead to the party bus and DJing.

– Furthermore, all the credit in the world to Pauly for keeping up his celebrity status while the show was on hiatus. The man still has an electric presence that you can’t teach. Plus, he can still draw a crowd as a DJ. I respect that a lot. I would for sure have fun at a Pauly D show.

– Shoutout to my Prom Bus in 2011. We didn’t have a pole in the middle, but it was just as “lit” as the kids say. Plus, we went to Seaside and thought we were the Jersey Shore cast. Good times. Good times.


– *Cue Infinity by Josh Guru Project*

– I would 100% wear this t-shirt.

– The final moments of the episode involved goodbyes and reliving the highlights of the season. Then, MTV gave us a promo for Season 2, which will be premiering in August. I am happy that Jersey Shore: Family Vacation was a success and I will watch the second season religiously. However, August is wayyyyyyyy too early to bring the show back. This is the exact problem I have with The Challenge. I feel like there’s a new season every single month. There’s never a break that makes people miss and want the show back. I don’t want to get sick of Jersey Shore. If I’m MTV, I put Season 2 in the Winter and put Season 3, which will happen, next summer. I hope this move to premiere Season 2 in August doesn’t backfire.

That wraps it up for my Jersey Shore recaps. Thank you to everyone who interacted with me on social media and read the recaps. I appreciate it. Let’s do this again soon, shall we?


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