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Daniel Cormier And Jon Jones Are Beefing Again, Proving That Time Is A Flat Circle

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Insanity – doing the same thing repeatedly, and expecting different results.

Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones fight on social media. DC and Jon Jones finally fight. Jon Jones beats DC. Jon Jones is later stripped of the title for failing a drug test. Rinse. Repeat.

The cycle above has happened twice now and it looks like it’s going to happen a third time. The other day, this question was posed to DC: If DC beats Stipe Miocic at UFC 226, should he be in the GOAT conversation?

It’s a very fair question. With 2 losses to Jones (technically one loss and a no contest), if DC beats Stipe, he should be included in the GOAT conversation as he would hold two titles in two different divisions. Jon Jones, who is not even in the UFC right now because of a year long ban for steroids, fired back on Twitter in typical Bones’ fashion.

Jones made the first serve in the trash talking match, and DC fired back in an interview with CBS Sports. 

“None. [Jones] doesn’t have a platform and I refuse to give him a platform,” Cormier said. “He’s a nobody. He has been suspended again. He’s mired in controversy for drug abuse. Your issues are tied to steroids, performance enhancers. You don’t get a platform when you’re like that. It’s like me glorifying Lance Armstrong.”

An extremely fair point from DC. Once again, Jonny Bones came back hard.

DC, any rebuttals?

Here we go…again.

Jon Jones is probably the greatest MMA fighter of all-time. His Size, speed, and agility are out of this world. However, I don’t know how you can side with him in this argument. I’m on Team DC for this social media fight. It’s hard for me to take a guy trash talking on Twitter seriously when he can’t even legally fight in the UFC. Say what you want about DC, the man is an underappreciated champion who has done things the right away. Jones has had chance after chance to clean his act up and so far, it hasn’t happened. Why should I believe him now? I saw Jon Jones beat DC with my own two eyes. However, there will always be asterisks around those fights because of the failed drug tests. That’s something I can’t look past.

That being said, I want these two to fight again badly. If I’m fantasy booking, DC needs to beat Stipe, which may not even happen because Stipe is a MONSTER. Then, Jon Jones needs to fight Brock Lesnar sometime next spring, which is a fight that every person wants to see including myself. The winner gets to fight DC towards the end of next year. DC wants Jones. Jones wants DC. Make it happen, Dana.

If it’s DC and Jones, put them in a Hell-in-a-Cell match. No rules, no refs. Tables, ladders, chairs, etc. Anything goes. That’s the only way these two can settle their beef.

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