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Charles Barkley Gave the Most Ridiculous Answer In The History Of Family Feud

“If your fly was open at church, what would you use to cover it up?”

A couple of things come to mind. Your hand is the obvious answer. Since the question specifies that your fly is open at Church, the Bible or song book would be great answers as well. When it was Charles Barkley’s turn to answer, Bible/ hymnal, shirt tail, and jacket / coat were already on the board. My guess would be cell phone or belt. I’m sure they would get the dreaded red X, but you never know.

Charles Barkley did not say cell phone or belt. In fact, Barkley said the most ridiculous answer in the history of Family Feud.

“A child.”

Preposterous on all accounts. When my fly is open, using a child to block it would not even be my last resort. I would probably rather wear no pants at all than use a child to block it. Charles even tried to fix it by saying he meant “baby!”

Blocking your open fly with a baby.

You can’t make these soundbites up. That’s why Inside The NBA is the best pre/post game show on television. EJ, Chuck, Shaq, and Kenny The Jet say whatever they want, when the want. It’s unfiltered, but full of real analysis catered to the average person.

Chuck is the GOAT. By the way, “person” was on the board so Chuck’s answer was correct. Never change, Chuck. Never change.

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