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Kawhi Leonard Wants Out Of San Antonio And Somehow, The Knicks Are A Rumored Destination

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Nothing like a Shambomb to take over Twitter. Some might even say it was “shamWOW.” Anyways, most of the NBA had a feeling that Kawhi wanted out, but Sham confirmed it today. Kawhi has gone scorched Earth against the Spurs. It’s a little hard to comprehend in all actuality. Kawhi was a NBA Finals MVP, 2-Time DPOY, and 2-Time First Team All NBA Member. However, ever since Zaza stepped under Kawhi, nothing was the same *Drake voice*. It’s an extremely difficult situation to understand because no one knows who to believe. It’s a “he said, she said” chess match between Kawhi and the Spurs medical staff. Two things:

– When healthy, Kawhi is a Top 5 player in the NBA and the best two-way player in the game.

– Kawhi has gotten the biggest pass from the media ever. If he did not show up to playoff games in NY or LA, the media and fans would crucify him.

That being said, Kawhi is extremely talented and every team in the NBA would love to have him. If a team trades for Kawhi, my guess is he will sign long term with said team. So, what are potential destinations for Kawhi? Woj listed some below.

LA, Philly, and Boston are the frontrunners. They have the best packages to offer. However, there is another team that Kawhi (allegedly) expressed interest in.

GO NEW YORK GO NEW YORK GO! Kawhi to the Knicks. It’s going to happen. I guarantee it.

No chance in hell Kawhi comes to the Knicks. What do we have to offer? A few basketballs and a bag of peanuts? Realistically, Tim Hardaway Jr., Frank Ntilikina, and quite a few draft picks would have to be involved in order to get the Spurs attention. I’m sure the Spurs would want Porzingis, too. Don’t get your hopes up Knicks fans. It’s not going to happen.

Instead, let’s focus on this potential trade to the Grizzlies.

Happy Offseason!

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