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It Looks Josh Gordon Has Been Working Out This Offseason


The rumors are true. If you’re not drinking and smoking before games and focusing on football and your health, results will show. However, these results are ridiculous. Josh Gordon could be an alien for all we know. His left arm looks like a giant pretzel twist.

Josh Gordon arm

The narrative for Josh Gordon has always been “If he cleans up his act, he will be a top receiver.” Gordon is 6’3″, 225 pounds (probably more now), and runs a 4.57. He’s got the size and speed, but Gordon also has immense talent. In 2014, Gordon tore it up for the Browns, leading the league with 1,646 yards receiving and scored nine touchdowns. Think about that. While intoxicated in 2013, Gordon was unstoppable for a franchise that started Jason Campbell, Brandon Weeden, and Brian Hoyer at quarterback.

Baker Mayfield sees the potential of Gordon as well.

“I’ve never seen anybody like him, bar none,” the rookie quarterback told reporters on Tuesday, per The Plain Dealer. “He’s definitely gifted.”

Josh Gordon is primed for a big year and fans are in for a treat. Good luck to opposing defenses trying to guard him.

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