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Jersey Shore Family Vacation Episode 10 Recap: Angelina Vs. The House

Did you guys watch the game last night? Instant classic! Despite being double digit underdogs, the Cavs came to play and pushed the Warriors to their brink. The last five minutes were worth the price of admission. I agree with the blocking call on LeBron, but you can’t overturn that. Keep it called as a charge and move on. I don’t even want to get into JR Smith’s boneheaded play. I would also like to be the first to remind everyone that George Hill, an above average free throw shooter, missed the second free throw to go up 1. JR doesn’t mess up if that happens. Poor LeBron. He played the game of his life and still lost. I’d be shocked if the Cavs kept it close in Game 2.

Oh wait? This is the Jersey Shore: Family Vacation recap? My bad! It seems that everyone on Twitter was talking about the game so I wanted to fit in. Last night, Angelina turned face and actually bonded with the house. Granted, it was through mountains of liquor, but hey, nothing wrong with a drink to loosen you up! Will she be able to stay in the house? Let’s get into the recap!

Season 1, Episode 10: “Meatball Training Day”

– Here we go is right.

– The girls finally got back to the house and to say they were surprised to see Angelina was an understatement. It reminds me of a horror movie sequel. You think you killed the bad guy in the first movie, but it turns out they’re still alive and back to kill you in the second movie. Angelina is Jason. Nice knowing you Snooki and JWoww!

– It’s hard to judge Angelina on things she has said outside of the house because you have to take everything the paparazzi says with a grain of salt. She was not a nice person during her run in the first two seasons. Constant fighting and bickering with the housemates got the worst of her. Like she kept saying in the show, Angelina definitely regrets leaving the house. Who wouldn’t in her position? The fact that she was thrown to the wolves upon return should not have come as a surprise to her.

– This is quite possibly the meanest thing anyone has ever said. Jenni scares me. I’m not kidding. When she yells, I tense up. I would not want to meet her in a dark alley because she would kick my ass.

– Vinny hit the nail on the head. Alcohol solves problems.

– I’ve been getting on Ronnie the past few weeks, and rightfully so. He has made a lot of horrible decisions lately. That being said, the fact that he was one of the first housemates to extend the olive branch to Angelina made me respect Ronnie a little more. Everyone deserves a second chance so kudos to Ron for giving it to Angelina.

– Angelina said what most of America was already thinking.

– I’ll say it again. Jenni scares me. This phrase should be put on her tombstone.

– See what alcohol does to people, kids? It brings them out of their shell! I’m sure Angelina is not a bad person at heart. Her tough and controlling personality comes on too strong when she is trying to make friends. Do I like Angelina? I think I’m down the middle as of now, but her in the house makes for entertaining television.

– I laughed out loud when Ronnie pushed Deena in the pool. Deena is the absolute worst when she is drunk. I can deal with a lot of drunk personalities. The Hardo. The Singer. The Beer Muscles. The Can’t Speak type. Crying Drunk Girl is one personality that I am so out on. Why are you crying? You just went out and got drunk with your friends. Man up! Crying over the smallest things is where I draw my line. This isn’t a Hallmark movie. To quote my 10th grade football coach, “Put on your big girl panties and deal with it.”

– Are these banana bags real things that average people can buy or are they reserved for celebrities with money? Asking for myself because after a night out, I’m always asking for an IV.

– Staten Island girls…

– The episode ends with the cast voting Angelina out of the house like an episode of Survivor. From their point of view, I understand why they made this decision. Angelina magically came back into the house for a few days and thinks she’s part of the crew. It’s not that simple. However, from a fan’s perspective, I want Angelina in the house again. It adds a whole new dynamic to the show. There’s nothing wrong with the current cast, but bringing in Angelina would spice everything up. New characters have to be introduced to keep a show fresh. It’s time to give her a shot at being a full-time cast member again. It sounds like most of the cast is down to bring her back for Season 2 besides Jenni. Third time is a charm!

It looks like Angelina is out of the house next episode even though the preview tried to hide it. What’s left for the season? It’s engagement time for the Situation. See you next week.

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