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Ronaldinho Marrying Two Women Sounds Like An Awful Idea

Metro – “Footballer Ronaldinho is to marry two women at the same time, it was reported today. The Brazilian ace is set to tie the knot in August with his two ‘fiancees’ Priscilla Coelho and Beatriz Souza, it has been claimed. The two women have been living ‘harmoniously’ with the former Barcelona star since December at his £5million Rio de Janeiro mansion, according to reports. Ronaldinho, who is reportedly ‘adept at polygamy’, started dating Beatriz in 2016, but continued his relationship with Priscilla, which began several years earlier.”

Is Ronaldinho a legend on the field and off the field? At one time, Ronaldinho was the best player in the sport of fútbol. For those who can’t speak Spanish, that means, “soccer.” The man has a few Player Of The Year trophies as well as a World Cup Title to his name. Not bad if you ask me.

It looks like he’s winning off the field as well because he does not have one fiancé, he has two! They are Priscilla Coelho and Beatriz Souza. By the looks of it, they look like a happy family.


Well let me be the first to say that this is an AWFUL idea. “But Dan, two girls?! That’s a dream come true, bro!” Put down the Xbox controller, turn off Skinamax, and let me rationalize my thoughts before you bust out the pitchforks. This has nothing to do with religious reasons. Polygamy vs. monogamy is not what I’m here to argue. I want to break down the logistics of having two spouses.

Two women = two sets of emotions. These women are two separate individuals. That means you have to cater to each one’s needs. Food, clothing, cars, jewelry, etc. There’s no guarantee that they both like the same things! What about buying presents around holidays? I struggle to buy presents for my family members and now I have to buy them for my TWO wives? Hard pass.

How do you split up time between the two? Does each woman get a schedule of when they get to hang out with Ronaldinho? It might turn into an episode of The Bachelor, where the aggressive one always wins the alone time. The most important factor in all of this involves the relationship between Priscilla and Beatriz. They might say they like each other on the surface, but when one notices the other getting more attention, does one become jealous? The answer is yes. It’s human nature. The same factors and problems would still occur if it were a woman marrying two men. I don’t see this situation working out.

So Ronny D, my man, good luck in this endeavor. I’m actually rooting for you because I’m a lover, not a fighter. That being said, I would never do this in a million years. I can barely take care of myself, let alone get a girl to talk to me. Shoutout to all my single people out there. We rule.

P.S. At least Ronaldinho gives them an allowance. Very generous of him!

“According to reports, both lovers receive an “allowance” of around £1,500 from the footballer to spend as they wish.”

P.S.S. This reminds me of the movie, Savages. Blake and Taylor > Blake and Aaron.

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