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Jersey Shore Family Vacation Episode 6 Recap: My New Haircut

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be pathological liar? Imagine doing something wrong, knowing you did something wrong, and then denying it. That has to be a liberating feeling in a weird way, but a horrible way to live. I’m a horrible liar because I hate confrontation. If you look directly in my eyes and confront me, I’ll tell you whatever you want to know. Bank account info, social security number, passwords, you name it!

I bring up this point because I’m trying to figure out if Ronnie is a pathological liar. His motto is “deny, deny, deny,” but does he actually believe the lies he tells himself? It’s entertaining to watch. I need a one-on-one interview with Ron Ron. Let’s get into the recap.

Season 1, Episode 6: “Meatball Down”

– The show starts where last week’s episode left off. Mike’s future wife, Lauren, informed the boys that Ronnie’s antics were captured on Instagram and Jen, Ronnie’s baby mama, was tagged in all of the posts. Ronnie believes he is caught so he decides to talk it over with Jen. The only problem is Ronnie is ratting himself out because Jen has zero idea as to what happened. Ronnie, your motto is “deny, deny, deny,” but the one time you try to tell the truth, it’s to no avail. This man is one of a kind. Ronnie seems to not know a lot about his baby mama and it clearly shows. Please listen to Pauly D and just focus on being a good father instead of a good husband. Do it for the baby guidette.

HUGE UPDATE: Ronnie and Jen are fighting again? I, for one, am SHOCKED! This relationship is more toxic than Chernobyl. So about a week ago, Ronnie aired Jen’s dirty laundry to the public, which was what a loving and compassionate partner does for their significant other. Anyways, it seemed that Jen had a sex video of her and her ex and kept it for her own records. Ronnie got a hold of it and asked the entire world if Jen should delete it. First of all, unless it is your job, don’t make sex tapes, children. Anything and everything can and will go wrong if it falls into the wrong hands. Jen, that’s super weird you still have the tape and it should be deleted. However, Ronnie, handle your business in private.

Did the situation get resolved? Absolutely not. Let’s go to Instagram live, shall we?

Unreal. Whether you are religious or not, please pray for this kid before it’s too late.

– If I was Mike, Vinny, or Pauly, I would’ve left the room when Ronnie kept denying the story with French Fries. Everyone is calling Ron out for his BS and he STILL denies it. I’ll say it again. Ronnie is one of a kind and it’s entertaining to watch.


– Now that I’m done playing moral police, back to important things like Vinny’s haircut. I respect the loyalty to one’s barber because a haircut is very important to a man. It can make or break you. However, Vinny also moonlights as a diva in his spare time.

– Vinny talking about his haircut reminded me of a classic YouTube video back in the day, My New Haircut. Hey Broski, two Heinekens. I’m in tears watching this video again.

– A girl going out for guy’s night is a recipe for disaster. While Ronnie loves to lie, Deena loves to cry. She takes delusional to another level, but alcohol can do that to a person. Whenever a girl goes out with the guys, the guys always end up babysitting the girl. It’s a guarantee and a major buzzkill. The tears by Deena in the cab were the icing on the cake.

– If God is a guido, Jwoww and Snooki will write another note about Ron. Please make this happen.

– If Ronnie and Mike don’t fist fight by the end of the season, I am going to be extremely disappointed. This fight is so overdue. Sanction a match between the two. Let them wear boxing gloves. I don’t care. I guarantee you that if they fight, things will get better in their relationship.

– Jersey Shore producers once again teased Jen coming to the house in the beginning and she’s still not there. I knew Jen was not coming this episode and I still trick my dumb mind into thinking it will happen. That’s on me.

Will we finally meet Jen? Who knows at this point. See you next week.

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