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Smoking A Joint Saved Kevin Smith’s Life During A Heart Attack

This video is from the The Late Show the other night, but it was too good not to share. A few months ago, Kevin Smith suffered a massive heart attack while filming his new Showtime special, “Silent But Deadly.” Thankfully, Kevin survived and that’s why he’s able to share his story today.

However, the interesting part is how marijuana probably saved his life. I’ve seen my fair share of medical television shows, and when patients have a massive heart attack, it leads to chaos. The victim is usually panicking and their loved ones are screaming from behind. The exact opposite was the case for Kevin Smith. Smoking pot all day lead Smith to remain cool, calm, and collected so the doctors could easily operate on him. This transcript from the interview sums it up perfectly.

“I said, ‘Doc, honestly, I just smoked too much weed this morning. That’s what this is.


“He goes, ‘No, quite the opposite. That weed saved your life.’


“And I was like, ‘Do tell! Like, what do you mean?’ He said, ‘You kept calm. They told you that you were having a massive heart attack, and you remained calm the whole time, so that joint saved your life.'”

Getting high saved Kevin Smith’s life. Apparently, the doctor told him that he had 100% blockage in his left anterior descending artery, which is called the “widowmaker,” since 80% of people die from this symptom.

So kids, next time you go out on stage to do standup comedy, feel free to light one up. Not only will it calm your nerves, but it may end up saving your life.

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