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David Blaine Is Not A Human, Sewed His Mouth Shut On Tonight Show

There are things I will never get tired of. The Giants in the Super Bowl, chicken parmigiana, and David Blaine magic tricks. Just when you think he won’t go there, David Blaine always GOES there. This man does not live by the rules of everyday life like you and I do. I mean he just sewed his mouth together on television for fun and amusement. I’m all for free will. Whatever floats your boat is fine by me. However, if you voluntarily sew your mouth shut, that is where I draw the line. David Blaine is not a human being, Example #658.

David Blaine is not your normal magician or illusionist. His card tricks, which are masterful, are child’s play compared to some of the stunts he has done.

There’s the time he shoved an ice pick in his hand and freaked out future President, Kanye West.

Why go to the dentist when David Blaine can pull your teeth out for you?

Holding your breath underwater should be an Olympic sport.

Freezing yourself? Now this is getting ridiculous.

That’s enough for now because I think you get the point. Go down the David Blaine rabitt hole on YouTube. I once did and tried to learn card tricks. I gave up after 10 minutes. I’ll let David Blaine do the magic while I stick to blogging. That sounds good to me.

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