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The DailyMixReport Instagram Is Slowly Turning Into A Yodel Boy Fanpage

yodel boy justin bieber

The DailyMixReport Instagram account is going through some “interesting” changes. The IG account is my baby. Besides the occasional post or two from LordTreeSap, I’m the head honcho 90% of the time. I pick all the posts, come up with the captions and hashtags, and send it out to the world. I’m not lying when I say the page was struggling. We had a small, small following, but not the following I wanted. Our posts were ok, but they weren’t getting that viral traction that’s needed to grow an account.

That all was the case until Jesus was reincarnated in the form of Mason Ramsey aka Walmart Yodeling Boy.

First things first. I have sung Yodel Boy’s rendition of “Lovesick Blues” over 500 times since the original video was posted. It’s become such a problem that my siblings told me to shut up the other day because it made them want to jump off a cliff. Whatever, haters.

Anyways, Yodel Boy was exploding all over social media. It wasn’t until I saw a Yodel Boy techno remix that I decided to post something about the boy wonder. It turns out that all of Instagram loved the remix too.


That post went up on April 2nd and we’re still getting notifications for it. I had to turn off notifications on my phone because it was killing my battery. Like every viral post for the DMR, I thought it was just fool’s gold. There was no way we could get lucky again. I was wrong.



The kid performs at Coachella and the Internet went WILD. Yodel Boy for the win again. This begs the question. Do I have to sell my soul to Yodel Boy? We’re up hundreds of followers since the beginning of April and the amount of views have been outrageous for a small site like ours. Without Yodel Boy, our account would still be trying to get easy views off of the Harlem Shake and dancing videos. Now, with Yodel Boy on our side, the sky is the limit.

As the Co-creator of this website, I would like to officially announce that we are a PRO Yodel Boy company. If he wants to make our IG a fanpage, then that is exactly what we will do. Also, follow the DailyMixReport Instagram.


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