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Sister Jean Parmesan Is The Funniest Meme I Have Seen In Awhile

Sister Jean has captivated the entire nation. Sure, Loyola-Chicago is an 11 seed that just punched their ticket to the Final Four, but the real story is Sister Jean Dolores Schmidt. 98 years young, Sister Jean is the straw that stirs the drink for Loyola-Chicago. Opposing teams are not just playing against a talented team. Opposing teams are playing against Sister Jean and her boss, God.

Sister Jean is a rockstar. When anyone gets famous, they always get the meme treatment. Most of them are catchy, but it’s rare to really put me in a belly laugh. That all changed this morning thanks to CalvinCoolRanch.

Gene Parmesan! What a trip down memory lane. Gene Parmesan is one of the greatest secondary characters of the 21st century. Gene Parmesan was only in four episodes of Arrested Development, but his character will live on in infamy. Talk about a show that was cancelled too early, Arrested Development might be my favorite comedy of all-time. I could go down rabbit holes of one-liners or talk about anything related to Gob. Unfortunately, Season 4 did not live up to the hype, but it was still entertaining. I have high hopes for Season 5.

Until then, this has been Gene Parmesan, Private Eye.


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