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Desus & Mero Roast DJ Envy After Breakfast Club Ambush

The brand is strong!

First of all, if you don’t know who Desus & Mero are, stop what you are doing and go down a YouTube rabbit hole of their past shows. I’m left in tears after every clip (Weeknights 11PM on Viceland). They are two of the funniest comedians in the game right now and their stock continues to rise. What makes their brand stand out from the other late night talk shows is their honest, laid back approach to presenting topics. It doesn’t feel forced or staged like other talks shows. It’s two guys from the Bronx who shoot the breeze, roasting people along the way just like any group of friends would do over a couple beers.

Anyways, back to the story. This “beef” stemmed back from a February episode of Desus & Mero when the duo poked fun at DJ Envy and his wife’s appearance on the talk show, The Real. Envy went on to discuss his affair and how he managed to save his relationship with his wife.

Pretty normal for a Desus & Mero roast. It was nothing too over the top. That being said, a triggered DJ Envy did not like the comment about how his wife appreciated the “DJ Envy checks,” which Desus even backed up on after the joke was made (around 3:58).

Fast forward to yesterday morning when Twitter was on fire after Desus & Mero’s appearance on The Breakfast Club. Desus & Mero are great friends with Charlamagne, who has appeared on their late night show before, so it’s not like they were going into enemy territory.  However, DJ Envy grew Twitter muscles overnight and was not feeling the Bodega Boys.

“We got dickhead and pussy.” DJ Envy makes all of his points, says he doesn’t appreciate the joke about his wife, gets an apology, and still walks out on the interview.

It’s a long clip, but I was laughing the whole time especially when Charlamagne kept stirring the pot. Here’s where I stand on this and I’m fully on Team Desus & Mero. I agree with Envy when he said that family is off limits. You won’t hear any argument out of me if comedians take cheap shots at other people’s wives and kids who are irrelevant to the story.


If you air your dirty laundry to the public, you are open to criticism. If you bring your wife on a talk show to discuss your affair, you AND your wife are both open to criticism. It’s not like DJ Envy and his wife hashed out their differences behind closed doors and called it a day. They went on a nationally syndicated talk show to discuss their marital problems. Mero said it perfectly in the beginning of the original roast. Why would you ever go on a talk show with five women to talk about cheating on your wife?  Obviously, you and your wife are going to get made fun of! That’s like giving Aaron Judge a fastball right down the middle and telling him “You can’t hit it because the pitcher messed up.” 27 rings bro! That’s an easy home run for the brand. Desus & Mero had every right to make fun of you on their show.

It’s the ongoing battle of “People who can give, but can’t take.” It happens all too often in the entertainment world. You’re allowed to roast people, but when someone makes a joke about you, it’s World War III. Envy roasts people five days a week, but when Desus makes a small joke, Envy gets triggered. That’s 2018 for ya!

Mero got the last laugh though. Can’t wait to watch Desus & Mero on a bigger TV network one day. The brand is most definitely strong.

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