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First Two Days Of The NCAA Tournament Are The Best Sports Days Of The Year

There is a reason why men schedule vasectomies for this weekend more than any other. NFL Divisional Weekend is (usually) the best football weekend of the year. The first Saturday in May is awesome because of the Kentucky Derby, NBA / NHL playoffs, and a big fight at night. However, the first two days of the NCAA Tournament are the two best sports days of the year. They are my personal favorite days of the year. Once 12 Noon hits, do not bother talking to me unless it’s about basketball or brackets. I won’t give you the time of day otherwise.

I dream about these two days all year. 32 games over the next two days, 16 per day, of nonstop college basketball. You can’t get this anywhere else. Excitement, heartbreak, jubilation, sadness. All of these emotions are felt throughout these next 48 hours. I haven’t even mentioned gambling yet. Between brackets and individually betting, my bank account is about to go to $0, but it’s so worth it. I can’t wait to sweat out a 1 seed trying to cover a 19 point spread. People talk about getting high on life, but you have never experienced a high like trying to cover a spread.

My advice to you. Get all of your work done this morning. Concentrate as best as you can. Force yourself to get things done. Once 12 Noon rolls around, you’re toast. Enjoy the games.

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