Message To LordTreeSap: The Vikings Are Signing Kirk Cousins

Time to play Captain Obvious.

If you’ve been reading the DMR the past week or so, LordTreeSap has been detailing the Jets Offseason plans. Without a lot of cap space, in LTR’s mind, the number one option was to sign FA Kirk Cousins.

He made some very good and fair points.

I am all aboard the Kirk Cousins train. Whether you agree with the money or not, Kirk has proved that he is a franchise QB over the past three seasons. It’s not his fault the Redskins didn’t lock him up two years ago so his asking price is extremely high. The QB market and price tags will always be outrageous as the years go on.

However, in LordTreeSap’s biggest L since an encounter with a Brother Jimmy’s bartender, the Jets are not going to sign Kirk Cousins unless he pulls a Josh McDaniels.

I think LordTreeSap knew Cousins was a pipe dream, but it still sucks for Jets fans not to get their guy. Where do they go now? Mike laid out some options that are very attainable. If I am the GM, I would try to sign Teddy Bridgewater to a short term deal and draft the best available QB when it’s their turn to pick at #6.

Don’t worry, Michael. The Jets will find a QB eventually…

Also, it’s very ironic that the Jets might sign a QB named “Bridgewater” after all they have done the past few years is sign “bridge QBs.” Time is a flat circle.

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