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This Is Us Season 2, Episode 17 Reaction: The Story of Deja

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This is Deja. This Is Us introduced a new timeline last night that did not involve one of the main characters. Instead, the writers decided to spotlight the story of Deja, chronicling her birth to the moment when Beth and Randall discover her sleeping in the car. A heartbreaking story that may have a happy ending down the road. Will Deja become a Pearson for good?

Season 2, Episode 17: “This Big, Amazing, Beautiful Life”

– Shoutout to special guest Pam Grier aka Jackie Brown.

Miramax / Jackie Brown

– It’s so rare that a show in its penultimate episode decides to abandon almost every major storyline in favor of spotlighting an important secondary character. Not every show has the creativity and risk-taking ability that This Is Us consistently shows on a week-to-week basis.

– Deja has always been an interesting character despite having little knowledge about her past. Before last night’s episode, the audience always sympathized with her because of her rough upbringing, but we never really knew the severity of it. Deja’s mom, Shauna, was a young, teenage mother who struggled to balance her personal life with her “mom life.” The only support system that Shauna had was her mother, Gigi, who tragically died when Deja was a young girl. This fear of loss and heartbreak has always stayed with Deja, which is why it was so hard to open up to Randall and Beth.

– The “sleeping in too many beds” speech from Raven had a huge impact on Deja’s thought process in regards to the Foster Care System. If you find a decent situation with a bed that is mostly safe, do whatever you can to keep it. It’s why Deja finally opened up and accepted the Pearsons as her new family. The idea of beds was also a clever, but heartbreaking way to show the positives and negatives of Foster Care.

– I can’t help but compare this episode to Randall and William’s trip from Season 1. The story of Deja was another one character-driven episode, but with a twist. Randall and William’s episode from Season 1 is in the Top 5 episodes of this series, and I ‘d even hear arguments saying it’s Top 1. Since that standard is so high for a one character-driven episode, it’s almost unfair to compare that with Deja’s episode. That being said, intertwining small, but meaningful moments from every character to represent Deja’s highs and lows is what made it unique to Randall and William’s road trip.

– Another note on intertwining the storylines of all the characters with Deja: I saw it as foreshadowing to what eventually happened at the end of the episode. Deja has the same problems as the Pearsons so therefore, she is a Pearson. Shauna realized that she can’t keep messing up and letting down Deja. Shauna decided that what’s best for Deja is to keep her with Randall and Beth. It’s a very noble thing to do, but there is no way that Randall will allow this to happen. Randall searched his whole life for his biological family and when he finally found William, it changed him for the better. I could see the Pearsons looking after Deja like they did before, maybe even adopting her in the future, but there’s no way Randall will allow Shauna to disappear from Deja’s life. I expect a big Randall speech to Shauna next week.

– Prediction time: Lonzo, Shauna’s on-and-off boyfriend, is not going away. His introduction was not a one time thing. I’m picturing it in my head now. Shauna is convinced that Lonzo has changed and she goes to pick him up from jail to start a new life. The duo go to the Pearsons to visit Deja and Lonzo says something like “Get your stuff, we’re going home.” Deja says she doesn’t want to leave. Lonzo gets aggressive. Randall steps in to mediate, but is threatened by Lonzo. I’m not sure what the end game is (maybe a gun is drawn), but an altercation between Lonzo and Randall has to happen.

It’s season finale time and we’re finally getting a wedding! However, someone very special is returning or should I say, rising from the dead… See you next week for the finale!

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