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Giants Acquire LB Alec Ogletree In Trade With The Rams

Woah. I did not see this coming, but let’s go! Davey G getting to work!

This is a great pickup for the Giants. If you were to breakdown the positions that the Gmen need to address in the offseason, offensive line, running back, and linebacker would be at the top. Ever since the days of Antonio Pierce, the Giants have been craving a linebacker to lead the defense. Jon Beason was a decent fill in, but I wouldn’t call him a stud. It seems like every year has been a revolving door at linebacker with too many names to mention.

New Defensive Coordinator James Bettcher runs a 3-4 so his scheme relies heavily on linebackers so with the addition of Ogletree, the Gmen have found an elite inside linebacker. Ogletree has been a starter since he came into the league in 2013. He was 2nd team All-Pro in 2016 with 136 combined tackles. Last year, he had a combined 95 tackles. Ogletree is 26 years old and entering the prime of his career. This is EXACTLY the type of linebacker that we need.

Cons? It’s a little weird that the Rams would trade him after he signed a 4 year, $42m extension about 5 months ago. He’s not a cheap player and we did give up two draft picks this year. That being said, this trade is so worth it for Big Blue. After getting embarrassed on defense last year, I will take all the of the studs that we can get. Great move for the Giants.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled debate of Saquon or a quarterback.

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