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Oscars 2018 Recap: Winners / Losers, Surprises, Snubs, And Looking To Next Year

No time for BS. Let’s jump right into recapping the Oscars with the Winners / Losers, Surprises, Snubs, and looking ahead to next year.

My picks: 17/24

Surprise: The Shape of Water Wins Best Picture

It’s very tough for me to call this a surprise since it was a frontrunner, but I was genuinely surprised when The Shape of Water took home Best Picture. I picked Three Billboards to win it all and if that didn’t win, Get Out was my next choice. However, when the dust settled, the love story between a mute woman and an amphibian man triumphed. I had some problems with the film, but I can’t deny that the film’s original idea that was technically crafted with precise attention to detail. More on Guillermo del Toro in a minute.


Winner: Jordan Peele Makes History

Awesome moment for Jordan Peele. It’s inspiring to see a film like Get Out grow with such an organic, word-of-mouth push to the top of every Top 10 list at the end of the year. It was such a pleasant and well-deserved surprise. I hate to beat a dead horse, but Get Out was one of the most unique films I have ever seen. It was also one of the best theater experiences I have ever been apart of. Our very own LordTreeSap said it best in this video.


This moment >>>

Winner: Frances McDormand and Sam Rockwell Win For Three Billboards

Fox Searchlight Pictures

No surprises here. McDormand and Rockwell were shoo-ins to win. I even enjoyed their acceptance speeches even more than their performances. Rockwell gave off this everyday guy vibe that makes him extremely likable.

Frances McDormand is a badass. Nothing else needs to be said.

Loser: Three Billboards Loses Best Picture

It’s hard to say a film was a loser despite winning two Oscars, but I’d have to imagine that the actors and crew behind Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri were disappointed after losing to The Shape of Water in Best Picture. Three Billboards had an amazing awards season, winning every major Best Picture and Cast award at the Golden Globes, SAGs, and BAFTAs. However, in the end, the Academy went with the technical love story over the more divisive Three Billboards.

Winner: Jennifer Garner’s Reaction

Put this in the meme Hall of Fame already.

Loser: Mike Young

Going viral is a blessing and a curse. One minute, you’re at the top of the social media world. The next minute, your deepest and darkest secret are revealed to the public. That’s the Internet, folks.

Winner: Tiffany Haddish and Maya Rudolph

The Internet loved this duo and already wants them to host the Oscars next year. Not sure if the Oscars will ever do a duo again after James Franco and Anne Hathaway, but anything is possible. Haddish hosts the MTV Movie & TV Awards this year so that could be an audition for bigger hosting gigs in the future.

Loser: Jet Ski Joke

Didn’t laugh once.

Winner: Dunkirk Wins Three Oscars

Let’s. Go. I’m ecstatic that Dunkirk was rewarded with three Oscars. It was my favorite film of 2017 and had my vote for Best Picture. One of these days, Christopher Nolan is going to win Best Director. He’s too creative and too talented to leave this Earth without an Oscar.

Snub: Wind River Gets Zero Nominations

I’m going to say something I will regret so I will just leave you with this. It is a CRIME to humanity that Wind River did not receive any nominations. Ridiculous.

Winner: Guillermo del Toro

Even though I had my problems with The Shape of Water, Guillermo del Toro did a spectacular job in the director’s chair. Such a huge win for fantasy and genre films. His acceptance speech might have been the best of the night, providing inspiration for young filmmakers everywhere. It’s extremely hard not to root for del Toro after last night.

Winner and Loser: Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant is now an Oscar Winner. Kobe Bryant lost in a fight to Chris Childs. People don’t forget.

That puts an end to the movie year. The best word to describe this past year was parity. It was one of the most wide-open years for movies and I have a feeling we will be debating Best Picture for years to come.

What does next year have in store for us? I believe the Irish are going to be happy when Saoirse Ronan raises the statue next year for her first win.

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