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I Got My Tonsils Removed And The Recovery Is Worse Than Hell

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You might know the phrase, “War is hell.” Folks, I am here to tell you that “Recovering from a Tonsillectomy is hell.”

Last Thursday, I had my tonsils removed. Yes, I know that surgery is for children. I had a rough year with my tonsils. Constant strep throat and tonsillitis left me no choice but to remove them. At this point, I was all for getting them removed. It’s a simple surgery. In and out in a few hours. No big deal whatsoever.

HOWEVA *Steve A Smith voice*

The one drawback to getting a tonsillectomy as an adult is the recovery. It’s brutal. Google “Tonsillectomy as an adult” and you will read testimonial after testimonial of people saying the two weeks after the surgery were hell. They might even be worse than hell. Did I turn back? Absolutely not. I could not embarrass myself in the Urgent Care again, asking if I could get a strep test. No way. Not on my watch. So I saw a specialist and she finally gave me the green light to yank my tonsils.

*Fast forward to now*

Holy shit. Holy shit. Holy shit.

This recovery process has been HELL. I knew it would be bad, but until you experience it for yourself, it’s hard to believe. I got my tonsils yanked last Thursday at 12 noon so I’m in the heat of recovery and I can honestly say that I still have awhile to go. It makes me want to cry. It is one of those situations where “it gets worse before it gets better.” It’s like there are two knives on each side of your throat. Whenever you swallow, you irritate those knives and it’s very painful. This is one of those situations where “it gets worse before it gets better.” The first two days were manageable, mainly because I still had a lot of drugs in my system from the hospital. It was still the worst sore throat ever, but I was alive.

Day 3 came and kicked my ass. Dead. No coming back. One of the worst days I have ever had. I could barely drink anything. Eating was out of the question. I could only take so much pain medication to take the discomfort down a notch. I had a fever, which lead to me sweating through three pairs of clothes throughout the day. Sleeping was out of the question. I’m now on Day 5ish and it still sucks. My breath smells like shit because of the scabs in my mouth. I also smell like shit because of my breath (I take multiple showers per day). My vision is blurry. I spit as much as a baseball player with a fresh tin. Headaches galore. Plus, I still can’t sleep.

To recap, life sucks right now. I have little energy, I’m depressed, and all I want to do is eat pizza. But you know what? That’s not going to stop me. I will get through this. That might stop 13 year old me in the picture after a tonsillectomy, but not this soon to be 25 year old. So I will cry, bitch, and moan to myself. I will come back stronger than ever.

Not all heroes wear capes, but some don’t have tonsils.

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