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Cleveland Cavaliers Overhaul Roster at Trade Deadline

Around noon Eastern time today, all hell broke loose on the trade deadline front and Cavaliers General Manager Koby Altman was the culprit of repeated Woj Bombs blowing up Twitter for an hour, until the battlefield was completely destroyed. It was no secret the Cavs needed to completely shake things up, as the roster constructed coming into today was struggling mightily.

Altman used every asset at his disposal, with the exception of the elusive Nets pick, to make Cleveland a new team, as he pretty much presses the rest button on the season and says, “LeBron and Co. you guys have two months to figure this out.”

Trade 1. 

The Lakers had been dangling a package of Clarkson and Larry Nance Jr. in hopes of clearing enough space for two max contract this summer. They do that and received a protected first rounder from Cleveland. Solid deal for both sides, as Cleveland gets much-needed versatility and youth injected into its lineup. Committing 2-years at $25 mil to Clarkson isn’t the worst contract to take on either for the Cavs.

Cleveland Cavaliers Grade: B+

Trade 2. 

Cleveland then acquires another solid 3 and D weapon in Rodney Hood, a perfect player beside LeBron, he should thrive here. Altman also gets the guy they’ve been linked to for a while in George Hill, who should stabilize the point guard position, as someone who’s played in big games, the playoff stage won’t scare him. Cleveland also unloaded the underwhelming package of D-Rose, who will be waived by Utah and Jae Crowder, who has not performed up to par. (Cavs also gave up Shumpert, who is not shown above)

Cleveland Cavaliers Grade: A-

Trade 3.

This is where the Cavs praise stops for me. Now, we don’t know if D-Wade wanted out of Cleveland, but I would have kept him as a valuable piece on my bench come playoff time. Dwyane is the type of guy that could win Cleveland multiple playoff games and be a leader in crunch time for the neophyte newcomers. On top of this, you ship him to Miami for a protected 2nd round pick, a potential playoff match up of your own. I hope you’re happy D-Wade.

Cleveland Cavaliers Grade: F

Overall, these were risks Koby Altman and Cleveland had to take, even though they acquired some salary going forward, Altman held onto the Nets pick for this summer. This all may change with just under an hour left for trades to be approved. The fresh blood in the locker room should inspire LeBron and create a healthier environment making for more production. The squad is now a lot younger and way more versatile. Cleveland could even be more of an enticing option for LeBron this summer, with a lack of potential suitors elsewhere.

Let’s hope they can gel with 28 games remaining, as Cleveland sits at 31-22 and third in the East. The Cavalier bandwagon has taken on water, but it hasn’t sank just yet. Remember, LeBron has been to SEVEN STRAIGHT FINALS. These moves put LeBron in prime position to make it eight in a row. The only thing that could possibly stop that, a return of Gordon Hayward to the Celtics playoff lineup.

Overall Trade Deadline Grade: B+

Clarkson/ George Hill 

J.R./ Korver/ Hood

LeBron/ Larry Nance/ Jeff Green

Kevin Love/ Thompson




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