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Kid Loses Girl On Tinder, Emails Every Claudia At Missouri State To Find Her

Live look at my guy Hayden.

Wow, talk about a modern day Cinderella Tinder story. I don’t know whether to be impressed or creeped out. I’m going with impressed because it takes a set of stones to send that email. There are plenty of fish in the Tinder Ocean. Accidental swiping happens all the time. It’s whatever. When you swipe right for the wrong girl, it’s usually a quick “NOOO” or “SHITTT.” When you swipe left for the right girl, it’s an even louder “NOOOOOOO” or “DAMNIT!.” This stuff happens but that is part of playing the game. It’s the (low) risk you take to try and meet someone.

A lot of people are going to call this “Shooters Shoot.” It’s not shooter shoot because at least with that, you have a fighting chance. This was a full court miracle (great Disney movie btw). The detective hat this kid had to put on was unreal. How did he get every single Claudia’s email? What’s the time frame on how long it took him to do this? Is Hayden a good dude or is he a psycho? Probably a bit of both, but hey, that doesn’t matter right now.

I see these two are taking advantage of the viral fame.

As a man who would love to go viral, I respect it. Gotta strike iron while it’s hot.

The biggest question remains: Does Hayden get a date? Hmmmm. If I’m Claudia, you definitely have to give him a date before your eventual television appearance. Break the ice so it’s not awkward on camera. It seems like Hayden is a young Sherlock Holmes so take him to what is hot in the streets right now, one of those Escape The Room dates. I’m pretty sure there’s a picture on my IG feed everyday of a group of people posing with props with a witty caption about how they couldn’t escape. Original! I think that’s the proper date for these young (probably not) lovers. Or Starbucks. Coffee is good too.

Love wins and Tinder wins. Welcome to 2018.

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