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Charles Barkley And Shaq Destroy “Fight” Between Clippers And Rockets

Could not have said it better if I tried. Charles Barkley and Shaq nailed it on the head. Are you kidding me? Police presence for a “scuffle?” Just more fuel to the fire for non-basketball fans to call NBA players “soft.”

Let’s back track. In case you missed it, the Houston Rockets played the Los Angeles Clippers last night at the Staples Center. Things started to get chippy between Blake Griffin and the entire Rockets roster especially Mike D’Antoni. Underrated, this was Chris Paul’s return to Los Angeles.

Things continued to escalate when Austin Rivers, who was not even playing, started to chirp while wearing a walking boot. There are no typos in that sentence. Austin Rivers, who might be the Clippers 7th best player, was chirping from the sidelines. Blake and Ariza go at it and they both got tossed.

I don’t mind anything that happened so far. Players coming to the defense of other players is what teammates should do.

However, this is where the story goes off the deep end. I mean this is some Goonies and Home Alone type stuff. Apparently, the Rockets were still pissed off at Austin Rivers and Blake Griffin and decided to go looking for him. So Chris Paul decided to play Indiana Jones and lead a crusade to the Clippers locker room using secret tunnels in the arena. This is so ridiculous and it only gets better.



Secret tunnels? Police for pushing and shoving? Clint Capela knocking on the door as a distraction?!?! LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOO. This is so funny. I can’t believe this all happened. I wish this game was on at 8 so Twitter could’ve destroyed this feud even more. Don’t worry, the Internet won again.

This all leads back to the first clip of Chuck and Shaq laughing at this whole saga. It’s such a soft fight that for the LAPD to be called was downright ridiculous. Who is going to square up? You think Austin Rivers was going to chuck some knucks with the entire Rockets team? If these teams really wanted to fight, they would’ve brawled on the court. That’s where fights usually occur (can’t remember the last one). However, in today’s NBA, you rarely seen punches thrown anyway. Guys care too much about their brand to risk it for a stupid fight. Who knows, maybe these two teams can have a pillow fight next time they meet up.  Actually, I have a better idea. Bust out the Sock Em Boppers!

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