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This Is Us Season 2, Episode 11 Reaction: Rehab

NBC / This Is Us

After a winter hiatus, the Big Three are back in our lives for the second half of the season. Episode 11 picked off right where we left off. Every member of the Big Three was going through a serious problem when we left off. Kevin was pulled over with Tess for a DUI, Kate had a miscarriage, and Randall lost Deja.

Now, Kevin is in rehab and the Big Three are on their way to visit.

Season 2, Episode 11: ‘The Fifth Wheel’

NBC / This Is Us

– First of all, congrats to Sterling K. Brown on the Golden Globe win. Well-deserved is not enough to describe his monumental win. Awesome moment.

– Obligatory rehab music

– Kevin is fucked up. No other way to put it. This season, we saw his addiction to pills and alcohol takeover, but tonight, we saw it’s more than that. Kevin is insecure and as he puts it, the “fifth wheel” of the family. It explains why he has his asshole outbreaks as a child and teenager. To an extent, he’s not lying. Randall is clearly Rebecca’s favorite and Kate was always Jack’s little girl. Kevin just covers up his insecurities with whatever he can find: football, acting, drugs, etc.

– In my opinion, we haven’t really had an extremely tense moment since the burnt down house in episode 1. Kate losing her baby and Kevin crying on the lawn were close, but you kind’ve saw that writing on the wall in the previews. We got the intense moment in therapy. The family therapy session played out like any therapy session would be., chaotic. Rebecca, Randall, Kate, and Kevin are all messed up physically and emotionally because of Jack’s death. It is the root of all their problems. That is why Kevin is an addict and it’s why Kate is an addict.

– We get a glimpse into Kevin saying he was the fifth wheel in the past. Jack deals with Kate’s weight and Rebecca tends to Randall and his new glasses. No doubt about it, Kevin was the odd man out a lot of the time, but I’m glad Rebecca clarified at the end of the episode that it was because she never worried about him. That was a nice moment when she cuddled with him on the ground as a kid. However, zero chance that it was comfortable.

– Big Three cuddling on the bench will be an iconic picture from this series. Mark it down.

– Time to play “What Did We Learn About Jack’s Death This Episode.” It’s a favorite game of mine. Not too many eye opening revelations, but we received some specific details about the age of the kids and what one of them did right after. Our clues this episode were:

  • Jack died when the Big Three were 17. We knew it was when they were teenagers, but now we have an exact age.
  • Kevin moved away and “abandoned” Rebecca after Jack’s death. Where did he go? Was it with Sophie?

– My favorite parts of the episode involved the Big Three of Outcasts or The Other Big Three of Beth, Toby, and Miguel. Great dynamic between these three and I call them the Outcasts because they are on the outside looking in. They keep trying to break into the Pearson circle of trust, but they continue to be shunned. They all will eventually enter the circle of trust, but it will be after the reveal of Jack’s death.

– Beth’s line about Kevin doing the double hand bow to say hello made me laugh out loud. Beth and Kevin have a conversation together on the horizon and it will not be pretty.

– Toby with a Star Wars reference. Nice touch, but how do you not mention Han Solo?

– My star of the episode was Miguel. I remember Dan Fogelman saying that a big task for the writers is to get the viewers invested in the Miguel and Rebecca relationship. I know he did not have a lot of screen time, but his few scenes were extremely powerful because it’s a step towards addressing the monkey in the room: Miguel married his dead best friend’s wife. I loved his no-fly zone analogy. He truly cares about Rebecca and he truly loved Jack, but he knows he is still in a losing battle when it comes to being the new “father” towards the Big Three.

– My final thought and I hate to bring it up but it must be said. Miguel is hiding something. I don’t know what it is, but I get this sense it revolves the triangle of him, Rebecca, and Jack. Did Miguel and Rebecca ever have a moment when Jack and Rebecca were separated? I don’t think This Is Us will go the soap opera route, but I wouldn’t be shocked if there was a loving embrace between the two during the separation or immediately after Jack’s death.

Next week, it looks like we are going to get a Miguel revelation after all. See you then!


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