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Georgia LB Davin Bellamy Tells Baker Mayfield To “Humble Yourself”

First of all, shoutout to this game. It’s easily one of the best college football games of the millennium. Thank you to Georgia and Oklahoma for giving us the must-see game of the year in the Rose Bowl. Back and forth, back and forth. Oklahoma takes a commanding lead only to lose it to Georgia to only give the lead right back to Oklahoma. There is not much more a fan can ask for with a 54-48 game that ended in Double OT. Congrats to Georgia for advancing and congrats to OU for making it to this point.

Ok, onto the clip. Georgia LB Davin Bellamy yelled “humble yourself” to Baker Mayfield after the Rose Bowl win yesterday. When asked about the comments in the locker room, Bellamy stuck to his guns and defended his comments, saying he did tell Baker to humble himself.

I’m all for trash talking. It turns a sporting event into a must-see entertainment event. It creates storylines to watch and gives us what every movie has, heroes and villains. Baker Mayfield is a villain and man do I respect it. Some might look at him as an antihero as well. Either way, Baker plays hard and he backs it up. He walks the walk and he talks the talk. Those type of players have the right to talk trash.

HOWEVA *Stephen A Smith*

Davin Bellamy, I’m not so sure if you have the right to say it. I’m all for shooting your own shot, but you have to back it up. Let’s compare stat lines.

Baker Mayfield – 23/35, 287 Yds, 2 TDs, 1 INT, 48 points scored

Davin Bellamy – 2 Total Tackles, Defense gave up 48 points

Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeah ummmmmm Davin, I think Baker balled out yesterday and you were just along for the ride. It’s kind of like the jealous little brother trying to get one over on his bi brother. Hey, you get to play for a national championship so that’s cool, but leave the trash talking to guys that back it up on a daily basis like Baker Mayfield.

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