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Todd Bowles Outdoes Himself In Blowout Loss To New England Patriots

There are a lot of bad coaches in the NFL. I’m used to seeing questionable decisions. Some moves are just plain ridiculous. The performance by Jets coach Todd Bowles during his team’s week 17 loss against New England takes the cake. Before you think I’m a bitter Jets fan (which is true) who wanted to see them at least cover, I’ll point out that New England giving the points was my strongest pick. First of all, Pittsburgh rested their players when a Patriots loss would have opened the door for Pittsburgh to finish first. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before. It shows what they think of the Jets, and Todd’s ability to prepare his team. I’m really not sure what is going on with Christian Hackenberg. Bowles refused to put him in, despite awful play by Petty. You would think he could get a quarter, or at least one drive at some point.

Tracy Wolfson asked if there was a chance we would see Hackenberg during her halftime chat with Bowles. Todd said no. I can live with this. He added that Petty was playing well. At this point it just seems like you are lying, or have vision problems. Todd must have been pleased with Petty’s second half performance, too. Apparently Bowles was not looking for touchdowns. There were none from his team. The theory of touchdowns not being important to Bowles was solidified by an unfathomable choice. He went for a field goal at 24-3 in the fourth quarter. They trailed by 21 with under 11 minutes left. You need three touchdowns. Making it 24-6 does absolutely no good. You still need three possessions. If you’re going to have any chance, a touchdown is required.

I tried to watch the Bowles press conference. Appropriately, I could not get the video to work. Jim Nantz didn’t get his decision. Tony Romo was typically annoying. First he joked that it was a good decision. Eventually he came clean. You had to go for a touchdown there. That really looked like the work of somebody who had money on New England. I don’t really think so, but that’s about the only explanation I can come up with. This level of stupidity makes you wonder.

Since I mentioned the CBS coverage and bad decisions, why would the top crew get Jets-Patriots? In late December announcers are often kept close to home so they could spend holidays with their families. Ian Eagle usually does an early game. At 4:25 Nantz often does a late contest before 60 Minutes. Everybody knew the Jets basically had no chance, and probably wouldn’t be competitive. Like I said, even Pittsburgh gave up hope that New England could lose. At least Romo didn’t ruin their late game for me. Bengals-Ravens was epic.

I’m looking forward to Joe Benigno’s blasting of Bowles. It always amazes me when you have zero expectations for someone and that person still shocks you with incompetence. They actually gave this guy an extension. I’m not sure if he would get one now. Knowing the Jets, probably. We are stuck with this clown for at least 2018. Happy New Year.

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