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HQ Is The Best Thing / Worst Thing To Enter My Life

HQ / Adweek

Addiction is real, folks. I’ve always been a trivia guy. I live for it. I used to play Jeopardy on Playstation 2. Yes, there was a Jeopardy game for PS2 and yes, I am a loser. Hand up. So you had me at trivia when it comes to HQ. But then, you’re going to offer me money for free if I win? That’s like taking candy from a baby. The only problem is I can’t make it to Question 6 by myself. It’s pathetic.

To rewind things a bit, if you don’t know what HQ is, it’s taking over the (app) world. HQ is a live mobile trivia game on IOS from the creators of Vine. The premise is simple. If you answer 12 questions right, you win or split the money. If you get a question wrong, you’re out. You get 10 seconds to answer each question and you can’t change answers. It’s like if Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and Jeopardy had a baby on an iPhone. You can play twice a day at 3 PM EST and 9 PM EST. Though the premise is simple, the game is very difficult especially if you are playing alone. Usually, the first 3 questions are layups (I have gotten some wrong before) and then they take a turn for the worst aka they get hard as shittttttttttt. They range in topic so it’s not just pop culture or entertainment. It’s vocabulary, science, math, etc. Basically all of the topics I’m not good at. It’s hosted by Quiz Khalifa aka comedian Scott Rogowsky. There’s also another person who hosts it, a British on-air personality named Sharon Carpenter, but she’s like a ghost to me because I’ve never encountered her.

Anyway, my biggest flaw is that I panic under pressure. The time limit gets to me. I end up guessing on most of them. I’m sure you can try to cheat if you don’t care about honor, but I can’t type fast enough on Google to do it. Need I remind you I blog for a living. Shoutout to my 2 Finger typers.

That being said, I want to win this damn game more than anything in life. I could care less about the money. I just want to say I did it. The best way to do it is to get a bunch of people in a room who are smart in different categories. So I’m calling all my HQ Daily Mixers. Let’s meet up and beat this game together. If people got together to hang up Kony 2012 signs, then I’m sure you wouldn’t mind doing it twice a day to play trivia. Hit me up and let’s cook.

See you at 3 PM.

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