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WFAN Finalizes New Show Schedule Heading Into 2018

We now have a finalized roster for WFAN. The entire schedule is complete. We know about the big changes. Francesa was replaced by Chris, Maggie, and Bart. Gregg Giannotti will officially take over for Craig Carton in about one week. Newsday recently had a nice article about Gregg. I’m happy for him. A caller asked about why Joe and Evan did not move to the afternoon slot. Their response was interesting. They were asked about preferences by management. Apparently they wanted to stay together. Benigno never seemed interested in the shift. He complains when filling in for Mike. Joe wants to golf. He does not love getting up early, but he has probably started getting used to it after leaving overnights in 2004.

WFAN 2018 Lineup

Joe spoke about how they have some more afternoon shifts coming up during the week before Carlin and company take the reins. Benigno said something about not having to do this going forward. Maybe his new contract includes a stipulation that he no longer needs to fill in. Perhaps only Evan would substitute for the trio. Since Benigno doesn’t even want a few shifts until 6:30, you can see why Joe wasn’t looking for a permanent spot ending during the evening. Benigno and Roberts have done middays together since 2007. I’m sure they were already due for a raise, and now they will be working an extra hour.

The secondary moves I was waiting for have finally taken place. Marc Malusis called into Mike during Francesa’s final Thursday show. Mike hinted that Marc had something on the horizon. Malusis will be hosting with former WWE and ECW star Taz on CBS Sports Radio’s morning show. That spot was previously held down by Giannotti and Brian Jones. Marc had been doing some overnights on WFAN for many years. Tony Paige handles some overnights. He works Tuesday-Thursday, plus Saturday morning. Paige then returns for a Saturday evening shift. I’m pretty sure I know why WFAN has a different overnight host on Mondays and Fridays, but I’ll keep that to myself. Young talent John Jastremski will take over Marc’s Monday and Friday overnight shifts. He already does Sunday mornings and some filling in. Jastremski also hosts shows on CBS Sports Radio.

Steve Somers will continue to host evenings. He has been at the station since 1987. We’ll pretend that he was never fired. It’s good to be friends with Jerry Seinfeld. This week features some shows hosted by John Sterling. Ed Coleman and Chris Moore will host on Tuesday. Malusis and Kim Jones fill in for Boomer. Richard Neer gets occasional shows. Lori Rubinson has a shift. She hosts on Sunday nights or early Monday mornings. Robin Lundberg has been getting occasional shifts. Even producer Chris McMonigle will host a couple overnights as people take time off. Hopefully a little something for everyone. This morning I even listened to the public affairs program hosted by Bob Salter. If you like hearing about phone calls from scammers pretending to be the IRS, that show was for you.

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