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A Predictably Rocky Start For Mike Francesa’s Replacements at WFAN

Things have not exactly gone smoothly for the new afternoon trio on WFAN. The schedule has been very strange. Their debut was promoted as January 2. Chris Carlin hosted on Monday. He worked all week. WFAN’s weekly schedule was announced late, and just had Chris listed. It seemed to be a secret, or maybe the schedule was tweaked. We never really seemed to know what was happening. Bart ended up working with Carlin on Monday. There had been talk of Carlin’s partners joining him later on in the week. Maggie worked with Chris on Tuesday. All three worked Wednesday-Friday. So much for their January 2 debut.

Right off the bat, everything about their show seemed chaotic. It has been called The Afternoon Drive. Now CMB seems to be sticking. Before that it was Carlin, Maggie, and Bart. That itself is a little odd because you have two first names and a last. I think there was at least one more name combination for a show title at some point. Nothing about this has been simple.

So far Bart has been an absolute disaster. In a previous article I wrote about his WFAN appearance years ago. He was picking scores by saying the lower score first. I think 14 to 24 was his pick. Does that sound like a sports analyst? He tried to talk basketball. Scott mentioned Enes Kanter. Well, kind of. Bart called him Chris Kanter.

A caller tested Bart’s baseball knowledge by asking what happens on a pop fly with the bases loaded. Obviously it’s the infield fly rule. Scott’s answer was not close. He then explained that it was the first thing his father taught him. Not sure if Bart meant the rule or baseball in general. Either way, that’s a fail. Bart had to be taught about spreads. He didn’t grasp it very quickly. Scott picked the Browns. Cleveland is an underdog. Scott thought they needed to win by more than 6.5 points. Instead of being humble, Scott just yells and babbles arrogantly. He also shouts out “Dilly Dilly”. I don’t really see how this is relevant when discussing a sports topic.

There were actually more cringeworthy baseball moments. Scott said Mets ownership should give Sandy Alderson a salary cap. That didn’t sound quite right. He started to add something about how Alderson could improve the football team. Bart corrected himself after realizing they do not play football. Scott then topped it off by talking about how the big bullpen arms were going to be up for new contracts. Maggie mumbled that it was the starting rotation. One painful moment after another. All indications are that he does little to no preparation.

Carlin has been fine. I was surprised by his shock that the James play last weekend was not a touchdown. Chris has seen plenty of football. He should know that you need to keep possession after hitting the ground. Even if you cross over the goal line, a player must survive the ground as was said during the reversal announcement. Like Jody Mac, Chris has worked at different places and struggled with WFAN’s phone number. That’s understandable. Old habits die hard. DOmjUigW4AE-AnH.jpg Maggie has been good. I am reaching when looking for ways to play devil’s advocate by knocking her and Chris. Maggie has stressed that she grew up upstate and is a Mets fan, but not everybody listens to entire shows. Hosts will occasionally repeat themselves. I feel like by saying these minor complaints are all I can come up with for Chris and Maggie I’m actually saying something nice. Yes, the show will get better. It has to. Still, people like Chris Russo who said Scott can’t talk baseball have been proven right. He was given a job that he’s not qualified for, and I have not found him very entertaining either. Oh, one more thing. On Monday Bart spoke about the man he is replacing. According to Scott, it’s Mike Franchesa. Good luck in 2018.

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