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The Insanity That Accompanies Snow Storms

In a recent article I touched on how television gets stupid when we get some snow. You have seen it all before. Supermarkets get cleaned out. People act like the few inches of snow will prevent them from returning for weeks. I know I’m not the first one to address this. There are videos. Freaking out about bread and milk. Newscasts showing stores selling shovels. We all wonder what people did with shovels after our last storm. On the news they also cover guys who salt the roads. When it snows, they will put down the salt. I appreciate this informative reporting.

Usually people are overcautious, but sometimes the panic is justified. In fact, places aren’t always properly prepared. Maybe not because of a high snowfall total, but the problems caused by bad weather. Home Depot’s headquarters are located in Atlanta. A few years ago I started working for Home Depot. That might have lasted a day or so. Anyway, there was a storm that hit Atlanta. The person at my orientation said the city shuts down when they get an inch of snow. Actually, I think she said .5 and they probably had 1-2 inches. My paperwork was delayed. I believe it took me seven trips to finally get my orientation check. We hear that parts of the country aren’t prepared for snow because they supposedly never get it. That’s funny. There were several times when snow hit places not accustomed to this bad weather.


A pair of ice storms hit Atlanta in 2000. Travel was brutal before the Super Bowl. Green Bay played Pittsburgh in 2011 when the Super Bowl was again preceded by an unexpected winter storm. That game took place in Arlington, Texas. It seems to me like a Super Bowl should budget in some people and equipment for snow removal. Of course our New Jersey Super Bowl brought concern for potential snow. The temperature was about 50 degrees.

giphy (39).gif

It just gets me that each time we have snow coming there seems to be a massive overreaction. This is New York. It’s not like we never saw snow. Try to stay home. Drive slowly if you go out. It’s really not a big deal. I think we can keep ourselves busy. God knows we have enough technology. Settle down. Find something else to worry about. In this crazy world I’m sure you can find something. For now, enjoy the dozens of classic Mike Francesa videos and gifs as his run at WFAN winds down.


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