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The Jets Need To Bring Josh McCown Back For 2018

Josh McCown has been the poster-boy for a “journeyman quarterback” in the NFL. The 38-year-old has suited up for eight different teams going back to 2002 with the Arizona Cardinals (threw Larry Fitzgerald’s first reception). He went on to make stops in Detroit where he played wide receiver, Oakland, Carolina, Chicago, Tampa Bay, Cleveland and finally ending up with the Jets this season, enjoying a career year that was just cut short due to a season-ending hand injury after 13 games. Even with the abbreviated season, Josh has enjoyed career highs in passing yards (2,926), completion percentage (67%) and touchdowns (23 total).

What doesn’t get enough credit, the tough lifestyle of bouncing around and packing up your family and transplanting to a different city. When McCown was brought in I figured he wouldn’t contribute much, as a placeholder for the first five weeks of the season until one of the back ups would come in and lead us to a one or two win season. I was most definitely wrong, McCown tuned out the noise and lead this offense to over 20 ppg, which is amazing considering the inferior talent around him.

Josh gave a heartfelt press conference Monday, where he would be fighting back tears after finding out his magical year was over. I didn’t think much of the news with the eight losses, this team was all but eliminated from post-season contention. What most fans don’t think about, this could be his last chance at being a starting quarterback in the NFL, closing this chapter of McCown’s life.

Josh emotionally said, “It’s been the best because of the guys. I’m so thankful they let me be part of this team.” I don’t know if I’ve ever seen that kind of emotion out of a mid-year press conference on a 5-8 team, but it reminds you that through the millions of dollars players make, some really love the game in its purest form, giving you their all.

The young team really seemed to rally around their veteran quarterback, who is way more talented than his career numbers provide. His love of the game is unwavering and I believe he has the tools to be a future coach in this league very soon. Before we get there, Josh needs to be on the New York Jets roster in 2018. He would be the perfect mentor figure to the rookie quarterback we are more than likely to draft at the top of the first round (Josh Allen).

You’ve definitely earned the respect of your peers and this fan base, a credit to sticking around this league for over 15 years. This season has been more fun than anyone expected coming into it and we thank you for that, see you in 2018.

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