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The Internet Had A Debate About How To Cut Toast Because It’s The Internet

Nothing screams hard hitting journalism like a heated debate about how to properly cut toast. The Internet is going to Internet. This is why it remains undefeated. I’m about to write about and give my full attention to bread.

So since I’m not above this debate, how do you cut your toast? Let’s see what the people think.



For those people who east #3.

I really didn’t think #3 was that bad. Nothing wrong with the long way. I can respect people that go against the grain and do something different. I would say that if I go to a diner, I would expect my toast to be cut in triangles. If I’m at home, I would cut it across the short way like #2. If I’m feeling myself and want to take the edge off, then I would probably cut it like #3.

To the person who said the toast tasted better when it was cut one way, I’m firmly on bored with that theory. That’s how I view SpongeBob mac n’ cheese. There was nothing wrong with the regular shaped macaroni, but something about eating a few characters made it taste better. I think it had something to do with it being easier to pick up with a fork and the cheese was spread out more evenly.

Ok before I go crazy, I’m done with this blog. I hope you got sucked into this pointless debate like I did. The Internet always wins. It always wins.

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