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The Tulane Marching Band With The Greatest Halftime Show I’ve Ever Seen

YOOOO LISTENNNNN UPPPPPPPPP. Somebody get this man a record deal.

Halftime shows are such a hidden gem when it comes to attending live sporting events. Sure, the concert from the accomplished star is nice to see, but I’m more into the amateur productions. The off-the-beaten path ideas. This is why Red Panda is so successful because her trying to stack bowls on her head is more entertaining than a 3 song setlist at a game. Will she finally screw up? Will she fall? Edge of your seat entertainment.


Back to the Tulane Marching Band. ELECTRIC halftime show. I loved everything about it and I can’t stop laughing. From the cocky flag twirlers

To the leader who gives ZERO shits. Stone cold killer. He knows he just composed something that Mozart would be proud of.  “Yeah? You want to know who composed this? Me, bitch.”

Which leads us into the star of the show, MC Swaggy Beats. The theatrics and stage presence on this kid is second to none. He acts out every word he says. Then again, if you’re rapping out I’m Blue, you better bring some attitude. So much sass. I love it.

Fist bumps into a WHIP AND NAE NAE? That can’t be legal.

The smug on this kid’s face when he goes bows at the end is so impressive. Cock of the walk performance. That’s the feeling of “I just crushed this.” Bow down to me. I respect the hell out of this performance. 10s all around, 20s for electricity. Fight on, Tulane.

This whole performance reminded me of Jonah Hill in 21 Jump Street. I’ve gotttttaaaaa crowwwwwwwwww. Kristoff did you feel that?!?!

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