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This Is Us Season 2, Episode 10 Reaction: This Is Randall

NBC / This Is Us

Number Three, Randall Pearson.

The Fall Finale of This Is Us aired last night and it was the third episode of the Big Three Trilogy. This episode was dedicated to Randall Pearson. The best word to describe this season: dark. Talk about night and day from Season 1. It seems like everything is going wrong for the Big 3, but I think it was a necessary step to show that everyone has skeletons in the closet and everyone battles demons everyday. That’s life, folks. The darkness humanized the Big 3 and it will only make their comeback to the top that much sweeter.

Season 2, Episode 10: ‘Number Three’

NBC / This Is Us

– Overall, I liked the episode, but I didn’t love it because I wasn’t a fan of the ending, which I will get into later. I find it harder and harder to critique Randall because Sterling K. Brown and Niles Fitch always give great performances so therefore, it’s more difficult to find flaws when comparing them to the rest of the cast.

– I like surprises. I’d rather be surprised than get a prediction right. I expected Deja to eventually go back with her mother, but not this quickly. I feel like the audience was starting to appreciate Randall, Beth, and Deja’s relationship especially with their emotional goodbye scene. They just introduced her a few episodes ago and now she’s gone? I did not expect that so well played, This Is Us. It looks like Randall and Beth are going to be full-time foster parents because a young boy is clearly on the way.

– The breakout star of the season has been Teen Randall, played by Niles Fitch. Now that the teens are series regulars, they are going to be interwoven into the storyline more and more. Just like Sterling K Brown in the adult Big 3, Fitch is the best out of the Teen Big 3. I don’t know what it is but Randall seems to always make the deepest connection with the audience. I root for all of the Big 3, but Randall always seems to be the guy who I root for the most.

– Need. More. William. I miss Ron Cephas Jones. He’s so, so good. I’m curious to know if the writers regret killing William off in Season 1. It’s hard to predict whether or not an audience will fall in love with a character, but during filming, I feel like you should’ve seen this coming. Maybe it was their plan all along to kill William. I feel like an adjustment should’ve been made to keep him alive longer. I look at Jesse from Breaking Bad. He was supposed to be killed off in Season 1, but because he was so good, they kept him on and made him a main character, who fans came to love.

– I don’t like PacMan. It’s probably because I suck at it.

– Did Jack tell Randall about his brother from Vietnam? Did he walk up to the exact spot where his brother’s name (if he died) was on the wall? That was the first thing that popped into my head. Touching moment though between Jack and Randall. You know Rebecca and Randall have had their moments, but it was nice to see Jack get in on the action.

– Jack’s Death Timeline: Time to put on your detective hat. Now that all of the Big 3 have had their moment with Jack, when is he going die? We know that Kevin had a cast on when Jack died and he wasn’t there when it happened. I thought the “Game Over” on PacMan at the end of the living room scene had a significance as this would be the night he dies, but I don’t think that’s the case. Also, there was another girl involved, maybe Randall’s girlfriend, who was present at the scene in Miguel’s house. So, using my knowledge of ACL injuries and casts, my guess is at most, there are six weeks left in the past timeline before Jack dies. How do you like them apples?

– I did not like the final scene of the episode. Kevin has hit rock bottom. We knew that. Adding Tess to the car with Kevin before he was pulled over for his DUI was a solid touch. However, think of last year’s Fall Finale ending scene. It was Toby crashing through a table. This year, it’s Kevin being pulled over for a DUI. Call me cynical, but Kevin should’ve been in a car crash. Obviously, Tess would not be in the car, but I felt Kevin drunk crashing would’ve been a more effective symbol of rock bottom. That’s just me though.

Not a bad first start to Season 2. I thought Season 1’s first half was stronger, but there are some pieces to play with now for the final episodes of Season 2. When will the house burn down? See you in January.

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