Harry Styles Fans Embraced Me Last Night And I Am All For It

So last night was just a normal night for yours truly. It was a Tuesday so obviously I was watching This Is Us at 9. Fall Finale so I was glued to my TV. 10 o’clock comes around and I don’t know what to watch. I check out Twitter and see what’s going on.

Enter the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

Hmmm this is interesting. It’s pretty chill. I’m a fan Candice Swanepoel and Alessandra Ambrósio so the event had my attention already. Then I remembered something.

Harry Styles was performing.

Good shit. I’m a Harry Styles fan. I liked him in One Direction and I think I like him even more now after his successful first album and an awesome acting debut in Dunkirk. It’s hard to find someone who has had a better year than Harry. He’s a cool dude who puts out great songs and has even better hair. What’s not to like?

So Harry kicked the show off. Pure electricity. So I fire off a tweet mid-show. I didn’t expect a lot from it. Maybe a favorite or RT. Nothing crazy.

163 RTS and 603 Favorites later, it’s safe to say the tweet found the right audience, folks. I was semi-joking in the tweet, but honestly, not really because I would’ve totally been alright with a Harry Styles live-in-concert special on TV. Having beautiful women walk around Styles was not a bad consolation prize.

I just want to take this time to thank my new Harry Styles Twitter Fam. I’m honored that all of you liked a tweet of mine that gave my appreciation to Mr. Styles. The man deserves it. He’s had an awesome 2017. So thank you for taking me into the family last night. I hope we can keep up this relationship because I’m in on Harry. He’s a rockstar who is only going to continue to get better as both a performer and an actor.

See you again, Fam.

P.S. I still go back and forth on my favorite song off the album. I usually go with Sweet Creature, but Angel has really grown on me. This debate will be continued at a later date.

1 comment on “Harry Styles Fans Embraced Me Last Night And I Am All For It

  1. Your Favourite Loser

    Harry’s dancing and singing I think was the best part of the show! Hahah, and my favourite song off the album would have to be either Kiwi or Two Ghosts:)


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