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Mike Francesa Eviscerates New York Giants Brass After Eli Manning Benching

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Days like today remind you why Mike Francesa has been number one and a must listen at WFAN for thirty years. Days like today also remind us why we’re going to miss the legendary broadcaster dearly when he departs, as we savor the remaining 14 shows. Francesa has never been afraid to get on someone who he believes deserves it, and he’s not holding back to close out his time at the FAN.

Once the Eli Manning news broke Tuesday afternoon that he would be heading to the bench, Mike continued to eviscerate the Giants as an organization just firing haymakers at everyone from Coach Mcadoo, to Jerry Reese, Steve Tisch and the entire Mara family. Nobody was safe from the harsh criticism, which has been described as the “hardest he’s ever went after a coach,” according to Mike’s producer, Brian Monzo. He called the Head Coach “worthless” and said Reese would be “unemployed” without Eli.

For someone that many believe may have lost a step at his advanced age, the 64-year-old was on the money today and has been for much of this week. The Big Fella has been locked in, destroying whoever he wants in his path, turning the WFAN studios into a war zone. I’m happy we got a polarizing moment like this to experience while he’s still on the radio, rather than this “gutless move” happening in a few weeks when Francesa is nowhere to be found on the NYC airwaves.

Where as many of our sports heroes become a shell of themselves at the end of the road, Mike turned back the clock to come to the aide of the two-time Super Bowl MVP and remind everyone he’s still got a lot left in the tank. He’s not retiring anytime soon. The Father of three even got under the skin of Giants All-Pro DT Damon Harrison.

Not many things will get me out of bed the Sunday after Santa Con, but seeing Mike one last time at WFAN sure will. See you soon Mikey F. Two NYC legends going out together, Eli Manning and Mike Francesa. The end of an era.

P.S. Enjoy this clip of Francesa rightly demolish Dean Blandino for his awful performance interpreting calls wrongly for FOX time and time again.


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