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LaVar Ball Continues To Dominate The Media, Conducts Memorable CNN Interview


Big Baller Brand, 130,478. Everyone else, 0. Never in a million years would I think I would ever write a post about LaVar Ball conducting an interview on CNN. That’s a Little Baller thought and as a Big Baller myself, I should have known better. LaVar never ceases to amaze me.

Donald Trump vs. LaVar Ball is a feud that’s better than any WWE storyline ever created. Both men are actually pretty similar when it comes to their handling of the media. They actually have the media in the palm of their hand. Both men know how to create headlines and can spin any story into their favor. Plus, if they say something controversial, that’s even better! They’ll be trending on Twitter within seconds. Any publicity is good publicity.

LaVar is gonna LaVar. When you give him a camera, the man knows how to shine. Somehow, the conversation with Chris Cuomo was supposed to be about his comments toward President Trump and it turned into LaVar asking Chris to thank him.

The line of the night should have been about thanking the doctor that brought you into the world.


But LaVar said hold my beer and dropped an all-time quote.

TELL DONALD TRUMP TO HAVE A GREAT THANKSGIVING CAUSE BIG BALLER IS! LaVar 2020. What an electric line. Even after the interview was over, CNN had a panel discussion about the interview. A discussion breaking down an interview with LaVar who was not even in the picture anymore. LaVar is playing chess while everyone else is playing checkers.

My final thought is dedicated towards all of the people who say they would not interview LaVar Ball for their program. Welp, that is a stone cold lie. A fib. An incorrect opinion. Whatever you call it, it’s not the truth. You’re lying to yourself if you say you would never put LaVar Ball on your show. This man is a ratings dream. If you say you won’t interview him, I would bet my life that the producers and higher ups at your station would override your personal belief and put LaVar on the show in heartbeat. LaVar creates headlines and if you get a 10 second sound bite of LaVar being LaVar, you’re front page news. The “stop giving him a platform to speak” crowd continues to be silenced every time another major network puts a microphone in front of his face. LaVar is going to continue to be himself because honestly, why should he change? Look what he did last night. Ratings drive networks and LaVar knows that. Chess, not checkers.

Big Ballers don’t concern themselves with the opinions of Little Ballers. LaVar Ball does not care what you think and it’s working for him. Big Baller Brand for life.

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