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Klay Thompson Gives Awkward Interview While Walking Around NYC

A frightening sight struck NYC commuters Sunday, when a scaffolding collapsed injuring four people. It’s heartwarming to see pedestrians come to the rescue of those stuck underneath the rubble. Even though New Yorker’s are some of the most pretentious looking people walking the earth, they still are willing to lend a hand when people need it the most.

On Monday, FOX5 went around the city interviewing pedestrians about their thoughts on the incident and how cognizant they are of scaffoldings when walking underneath them on a daily basis when commuting around Manhattan. Somehow, they ended up bumping into and conducting an awkward interview with NBA baller, Klay Thompson.

The Golden State shooting guard fits in with the average bundled up New Yorker, besides the fact that he’s 6’7″. Klay said when it comes to walking under scaffoldings he, “observes if the piping is new and if something looks like it’s been there awhile, I try to avoid that.”

You may be wondering what the heck is Thompson doing wandering around the city on a random Monday night during the NBA season. The Warriors actually played the Nets in Brooklyn on Sunday and don’t have another game until tomorrow in Oklahoma City. So it does make some sense to let the guys have some fun in NYC on an off day instead of traveling all the way home to just come back east again.

Steph Curry took advantage of the NYC spotlight as well, making an appearance on The Tonight Show as a special guest, where he read parts of his heartfelt letter to Veterans penned over on  The Players’ Tribune for Veteran’s Day last weekend. Hopefully Klay is considering making Manhattan his new home when he is a free agent come summer 2019, that is if the Knicks actually have cap room by then.

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