WFAN Has Finally Decided On Mike Francesa’s Replacements

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WFAN has finally chosen their new hosts. Gregg Giannotti will be replacing Craig Carton. Not a big surprise. I know him personally (sounds like something Mike Francesa would say), and I’m happy for him. Boomer has already called him “Craigy”, so maybe he’ll become Greggy. Giannotti impersonates hosts, and others. He should bring back Jerry Manuel. Even if it isn’t timely. As a friend pointed out, he even used to do the callers.

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Chris Carlin, Bart Scott, and Maggie Gray will be taking over for Francesa. Apparently the thought here is that they can bring in female and minority listeners. I remember someone saying that Carlin was potentially getting ready for Mike’s spot by going to Philly. The great Funhouse did not recall this being said by Mike. Maybe it was Carton. Something stood out to me about the Daily News article. This opportunity was reportedly turned down by Chris Simms, Kim Jones, Max Kellerman, and Adam Schein. I had wondered if Adam was in the mix somewhere. His name wasn’t coming up, but he hosted years ago. Sid Rosenberg is still under contract at WABC. Apparently he said the new trio is there to hold it down until he gets there. My plan was to have Sid hosting. When he goes back to rehab, Mike can ride in on his white horse to reclaim the position.

I’ll take the threesome one at a time. Carlin hosted overnights after Benigno moved to his current slot in 2004. Although not everybody hosts that slot, I often use it to judge people. Less commercials. Fewer guests. Opportunities to show your knowledge and have relaxed conversations with callers. A challenge to keep the lines filled for an unusual shift. I also hung out with him at Siragusa’s restaurant on Monday nights. Great guy. Got me a Rutgers sweatshirt. Some people might not really like Carlin for whatever reason, but that could be said about anybody. Maybe he’s not your cup of tea. Anyway, he is qualified. I am familiar with Maggie Gray, although I have not heard her enough to really form an opinion. She seems to be pretty intelligent and capable of talking sports. I’ll give an incomplete. Again, it comes down to taste. Some may not like her just for being female, and others may like her for that specific reason.

My issue is with Bart Scott. The guy went on ESPN Radio this week and talked about the squeaky oil getting the wheel. To be fair, we might find it to be cute if Chris Russo made that comment. I remember Boomer and Carton having Bart Scott on when he was just getting into broadcasting. His football prediction was 14 -24. I don’t remember the exact teams. Let’s say Jets 14 to 24 against Buffalo. It will be rough at first. I’m not sure if he’ll be able to discuss various sports well. I am expecting a rough start. With experience he should get better. Perhaps he’ll take a backseat and seem like more of a number three, but I would think Maggie might defer. At least in the beginning. Time will tell.

I’ll give the trio a chance. I’m going in with low expectations, which might work out well for everybody. If it doesn’t seem like must-hear radio, I’ll have more free time on my hands. I’ve been neglecting my 80s wrestling videos, so I’m okay with that. Don’t forget Mike. We’ll have to see where he resurfaces. Can Michael Kay finally break through in the ratings? Stay tuned.

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