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This Is Us Season 2, Episode 8 Reaction: Rock Bottom For Kevin

Oh no, Kevin.

The first of our Big Three trilogy kicked off with Kevin Pearson taking centerstage. If you expected everything to go right for Kevin this season, you were wrong. There is no happy ending in sight (just yet) because Kevin has hit rock bottom. You think the only way to go is up but if you’re Kevin, it seems like you can go even lower. Sad episode for all the Kevin fans out there.

Season 2, Episode 8: ‘Number One’

NBC / This Is Us

– General statement to start. I think Kevin is the most polarizing character in the show. You either love him or you hate him. A lot of the Kevin haters will say his character is too cliche and predictable. Good looking guy wins back the girl of his dream. I get it. You’ve heard it before and don’t want to hear it again. However, I’m a Kevin fan because there’s more to the pretty boy / cool guy persona that we’ve seen and this episode showed he’s damaged goods. Justin Hartley has shown off his emotional acting chops this year and so far, I’ve been impressed. This episode definitely won over a lot of Kevin haters.

– Teenage Kevin was an asshole. If my son was ever being recruited to play D1 football and he acted like Kevin, I would kick him out of the house, no questions asked. Do you know what tuition bills are these days, kid?

– My father’s comments about the episode: “If Kevin was really taking that much Vicodin, he would be dead.” Dad with some strong comments. I mean, Kevin was eating them like candy and drinking it down with alcohol. I’m no doctor, but I hear that’s bad.

– Scene of the night: Kevin on the football field. Bravo, Justin Hartley. This man is an emotional mess. Just like Jack hid his problems, Kevin does the same. His life is spiraling out of control and it traces back to the devastating knee injury that ended his football career. I think there’s some significance to Kevin saying something along the lines of “when I was able to walk again, it was to bury my father.” Perhaps Kevin’s life began to spiral out of control after the knee injury and he walked out on his family the night of Jack’s death, hence why he wasn’t there. Did he try to run to the scene of the crime after it happened? Kevin’s knee injury lead to death in the past and now it has lead to death in the present with…

– Kate lost the baby. Dammit.

– Charlotte said her bedside picnic would be Yodel’s and cheese. Both are delicious, but if someone offered that to me, then I don’t blame Kevin for walking out.

– NEED to know who gave Jack the necklace in Vietnam. It had to be after his brother died (?).

– Just when Kevin is about to admit his problems, BAM, another roadblock. I think the key to fixing Kevin is with Sophie so I expect a reunion sometime soon.

That wraps it up for Kevin. Doing solo episodes for one / two characters is a huge risk, but I liked Kevin’s story and thought it was one of the better episodes of the season. Next week will be the Kate and Toby Show so get ready for a lot of fighting.

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