The Spotlight Shines on Ric Flair in Latest ESPN ’30 For 30′

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Tonight (10 P.M. EST) we finally get the long-awaited Ric Flair 30 For 30 on ESPN. I’m not even a huge Flair guy. He was in the NWA during the 80s wrestling boom, and I was an enormous WWF fan. Now I am just enormous, but that’s another story. Flair was like Jim Ross to me. A definite legend. Just joined the WWF as my interest started to fade. However, they are still relevant today. Not to mention alive, which you can’t say about many of the stars from decades past. Both have also had health scares. Flair benefited from the TBS days. Wrestling went national as cable took off, and the Atlanta superstation brought wrestlers into homes of people living up north. Back then wrestling was basically regional with territories.

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Flair is popular with the younger generation, too. He is on social media. Today’s athletes were fans during their childhood. Flair is a big sports fan. He always seems to be around. His daughter became champion, and Flair has been outside the ring during her matches. Even after losing a retirement match years ago, Flair wrestled Hulk Hogan in 2010 for another company. He appeared on Celebrity Wife Swap with Roddy Piper. The guy is everywhere!

I’m just happy to have wrestling in the media. People are tweeting about it. Hosts like Brandon Tierney can go down memory lane. I am looking forward to hearing from wrestlers like Ricky Steamboat. One NWA pay-per-view that actually had me excited was headlined by a Flair-Steamboat title match. Nearly every great wrestler crossed paths with Flair at some point. Often more than once. Different companies. Long career. Harley Race. Hulk Hogan. Randy Savage. Dusty Rhodes. Roddy Piper. The previously mentioned Ricky Steamboat. Obviously the newer stars. Youtube and WWE Network are great to see matches that we have not watched before, or simply go back and brush up on childhood memories.

Of course the darker side will be touched on. Flair slept with a crazy amount of women. He was a drinker. These things were common in the business, and probably still are. Tragedy is definitely going to come up. His son’s death, for example. It should be an interesting watch. Something for everybody. Check it out tonight on ESPN at 10 P.M. EST.


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