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This Is Us Season 2, Episode 6 Reaction: Big Three Halloween

Hello This Is Us Fam. I’m back.

So I took last week off from the recap because I went on vacation. A well-deserved vacation for this blogger if I do say so myself. However, I did watch last week’s episode, “Brothers.” I thought it was one of the best episodes of the season because I love any interaction between Kevin and Randall. Plus, learning that Jack had a brother as well was another bombshell. Last night’s episode, “The 20’s,” was a flashback episode to childhood and the Big 3’s 20s. In a shock to no one, another big reveal happened at the end of the episode, but we’ll talk about that later. Throw on your costumes, turn on “I got you babe,” and let’s get into the reaction.

Season 2, Episode 6: ‘The 20’s’

– I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Mandy Moore, take a bow. This season has been her coming out party. Not that she wasn’t a prominent figure last year, but it was sometimes hard to find the spotlight when you had Randall, William, and Jack dominating the story. That being said, another top notch episode for Rebecca. Rebecca had the two biggest and most moving scenes of the night. The first one coming while talking to Randall about Kyle, the baby she lost. Kid Randall continues to amaze me with how good of an actor he is. Bright future ahead of him. The second and more moving scene came when Rebecca was in the hospital talking to Randall in the past and Tess when she was born. We sometimes forget that Rebecca has had to deal with most of the pain after Jack’s death. As much as Jack meant to the kids, he was Rebecca’s rock. You could tell when she dropped the plate around Randall, she’s in serious pain because Jack will never meet his grandchild. I mean if I lost Super Dad Jack, I’d be in shambles, too. We also learn that when Tess was born, it’s been 8 years since Jack died. Rebecca has been mourning for 8 years when…

– Miguel the Facebook stalker swoops in! Miguel, you dog! Hitting up a girl on Facebook like you’re in high school. Well done, my friend. I know it’s going to be hard for the audience to accept Miguel as Rebecca’s new husband, but I’m glad to know that he didn’t just go right into her arms after Jack died. He waited his time and gave Rebecca time to grieve. I think people are going to come to maybe not love Miguel, but respect what he did when Rebecca needed him. I think the hate for him will slowly disappear as the season goes on. Big season for Miggy.

– I feel like it’s a rinse repeat type of thing when I talk about Randall and Beth. America’s new favorite couple. Had an amazing scene. Chemistry is off the charts. Rinse. Repeat. Well, I have nothing new to bring to the table because that’s exactly what happened. Clearly, Randall freaks out more than a 16 year old girl on her first date. Beth has always been the calming presence in that relationship and she showed that again. Home birth, huh? Nicely done. Also, Randall has to get rid of the light frame glasses immediately. Nerd central. Go to the black frames sooner, my friend.

– Along with Randall, Kevin and Kate did not have their lives on track at 28. Kate was waitressing in Pittsburgh, eating fast food outside their childhood house and sleeping with a married man. On the other hand, Kevin was a struggling actor who was so desperate that he tried to steal a part from his roommate. Honestly, I wasn’t that intrigued with either storyline. It kind’ve just set the scene for me with how Kevin and Kate come to make it in Hollywood. That being said, I was intrigued by what Kevin said about Kate eating outside the childhood house. Jack is not coming back, but Kevin made it seem like that was the exact spot where Kate watched Jack die. Is this true? Did Kate watch Jack die across the street, perhaps in the fire? Maybe Jack went in to save that dog and died *thinking emoji.* It’s possible foreshadowing so make a note.

Photo: Ron Batzdorff/NBC

– Excellent costumes. Who doesn’t love Sonny and Cher?

– The kids storyline didn’t really grab my attention that much either. It definitely could’ve been because I wanted to watch the Stranger Things finale after. Hand up, that’s on me. Kevin doing something nice for his sister continues the theme that they have the strongest bond out of the 3 siblings. Jack favors Kate, Rebecca favors Randall, but who favors Kevin? I think that goes a long way especially now that we know Kevin is a drug addict. He might feel like no one was ever there for him, and he has to be Mr. Tough Guy all the time.

That’s it on my end. It seems like next week’s episode will be when the kid’s are toddlers as a custody dispute will be brought up. Also, it seems like Kate wants to get married, which will NO WAY happen. This show needs a present-day wedding so I see it happening in another episode. See you next week.

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