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NFL Trades: Jimmy Garoppolo To The 49ers, Jay Ajayi To The Eagles

NFL Trade?!!??! NFL Trade! You usually don’t get this kind of drama around the trade deadline in the NFL, but boy did we get a shocker. The heir apparent to Tom Brady is packing his bags and going to the left coast. Major, major news. Going into last year’s offseason, one of the biggest questions was if Jimmy G will be traded or not since he’s set to be a free agent after the 2017 season. After passing on the Browns, it seemed like the Pats would just wait this thing out and let him walk, which I disagreed with 100%. However, as Lee Corso would say…

If you’re a 49ers fan, I absolutely love this move. I’m a Jimmy G believer. Yes, we only saw 6 quarters of him, but that was enough for me. He throws well, can move out of the pocket, and has this confidence to him that can’t be taught. It also helps to learn under the greatest QB of all-time. Now, the 49ers have their QB of the future who is just about to enter his prime. This clearly means that they were not sold on the upcoming draft class and honestly, can you blame them? I think Sam Darnold is the best one, but he’s been inconsistent. I’m not sold on Josh Rosen, Josh Allen, or Mason Rudolph. Why risk throwing one into the fire when you can get a guy who has some NFL experience already and has shown flashes of success? Plus, they only gave up a 2nd round draft choice and they have another 2nd round pick as well. Even if this does not work out, the 49ers will have a high draft choice. Probably Top 3. Teams are going to want to move up to take one of the aforementioned QBs and will trade a lot to get there. I have zero problems with the 49ers trading back for multiple picks. Great trade for the 49ers.

Now, to the Patriots. Clearly, they have a history of trading backup QBs because with Brady’s durability, why do they need a backup? I’ll give you one good reason: Tom Brady is 40 years old. This pretty much solidifies the fact that if healthy, Brady is probably going to play for 3-4 more years and honestly, why shouldn’t he? He continues to dominate. If I’m a Pats fan, I’m content with the move or I hate the move. If you thought Jimmy G was going to walk no matter what, which he probably was, then at least you got something back in return. However, leaving Tom Brady with zero backup QB or heir apparent is why I could see some fans hating this move. It puts them in a tricky situation especially if Brady goes down. It’s hard to put trust into a 40 year old QB to not get hurt, but this is the greatest QB of all-time we’re talking about. Also, I hate how people are questioning this trade for the Pats, like they feel bad for them. NEVER feel bad for the Pats. They have the best coach and QB. I’m sure they’ll be alright.

UPDATE: Jay Ajayi (?!?!?!?) to the Eagles?!?!?!

Wait, what? Holy shit, I did not see this coming. Maybe Mort was the only one to see it *thinking face emoji.*

Mort you dog! I guess Adam Gase had enough with the roster and decided to shake things up. Trading one of your best players is not the smartest move, but it’s a shake up alright. I don’t get this trade whatsoever for the Dolphins, but if I’m an Eagles fan, I’m ecstatic. Jay Ajayi has beastlike potential and he showed that in a few games last year. The Fins O-line has been awful this year so he hasn’t really gotten a chance to get going. I also think Gase and Ajayi were clashing and butting heads behind the scenes. However, and this pains me to say this, the Eagles are the favorites in the NFC. Philly has a great O-line and Ajayi / Blount is a monster that I would not want to mess with. Pound the rock, let Wentz continue to sling it, and play good defense. That’s a recipe for success. Gun to my head, I still wouldn’t take them to make the Super Bowl, but my opinion is starting to change. Cue the Fly Eagles Fly chants.

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