I Will Never Understand Why Fans Throw Home Run Balls Back

By now, I’m sure you have all seen the viral clip from the epic Game 5 between the Dodgers and the Astros. Yasiel Puig hit a home run in the 9th inning over the left field wall. A woman named Sarah Head caught the ball. As she celebrated, she turned to her brother-in-law, Kirk Head, Kirk ripped the ball out of her mitt and threw the ball back. Hence, Internet gold was born.

What a SAVAGE move on the part of Kirk. To not only rip the ball out of his sister-in-law’s hand, but then throw it back on the field is a nuts on the ground moment. You definitely have a set if you can do that. Apparently, Sarah was only mad that she didn’t get to throw it back. When asked why he did it, like the savage he is, Kirk said “*expletive* the Dodgers.”

Now I have zero issue with the clip itself. It’s super funny. The best part is when Kirk looks at the guy next to him like he’s questioning if he should do it or not.

I can do this.


I’m not trying to be a sour puss or a fun sucker, but why do people throw back balls? I really don’t get it. You want to throw it back in a meaningless regular season game, ok fine. I’ll live. But Game 5 of the World Series in an EPIC game? You’re going to throw the ball back? You are 100% throwing money away as it slips from your fingers. If I’m Sarah, you have to slug your brother in the face after that. What are the odds of catching a home run ball? I’m not a stats guy, but it’s probably a good amount. IT’S THE WORLD SERIES. Yeah, you’ll get a couple of high fives from the crowd, but really? Do I need to be high-fiving random strangers for something that is so hard to get? No way

That ball could’ve easily been sold for a couple hundred of dollars. If Puig becomes a World Series hero, hell, you can probable sell it for over $1000. You throw a ball back because the crowd tells you too? What has the crowd ever done to you? Do they give you money when you need it? No. They just clog up the bathroom lines and take forever to buy a hot dog. Screw the crowd. Go for the dollar signs and cash in on a few night’s out to eat and bar tabs. Money > Glory

Don’t give into peer pressure, kids. It’s not worth it. Next time, bring the fake ball and do the old bait and switch. Works every time.

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